When can I add or drop courses?
Current semester add, drop, and withdrawal schedules are available on the Records Office site
What are the building codes?
Your course schedule will show a code for the building your class is in and also the room number. For a list of the codes visit the campus map.
How do I know what textbooks to buy?
Your student schedule on Oasis will list the textbooks for each class before the start of the semester. You can also check the syllabus for your class to see which texts are required. The Columbia Bookstore is located on the 1st floor or 624 S. Michigan.
What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?
Get detailed information from Student Financial Services.
Where can I receive faculty advising?
Your faculty advisor can be found in the department of your major. Use the campus directory for room, phone numbers, and emails. Some departments use online appointment scheduling. Check the Make Appointments tab of Oasis to see if your major department is listed.
What's the difference between my faculty advisor and my college advisor?
You have several individuals at Columbia College Chicago who want to assist you with your progress and success.  You must see your College advisor in your first year, located in the College Advising Center. Your College advisor will assist you with navigating the college, choosing and verifying your major, building your schedule, and understanding your graduation requirements. You must see your Faculty advisor in your second year, located in your major’s academic department. Faculty advisors will help you understand your major requirements and the current trends in your major’s professional industry.
Do I need an appointment?

The College Advising Center is an appointment driven office. For an appointment login to Oasis and select the Make Appointments tab. Click the Columbia Advising Center Appointments link and you will see your assigned college advisor's schedule.

If you are switching majors or having trouble with the online appointment system, you can call 312 369 7645 or stop by our front desk in Suite 300, 623 S. Wabash. You don't even need to know who your college advisor is; you just need to be a current student. 

If you feel that your situation is urgent you can still stop in without an appointment and we will help you.

What are the LAS codes?

You can find information on the Liberal Arts & Sciences Core here. Also, check out our Registration Tools section for a list of requirements and recommended courses.

LAS Core Codes

FY - First Year Seminar
EN - Writing and Rhetoric
HL - Humanities Literature
HI - History
SC - Science
SL - Science with Lab
MA - Math
SS - Social Science
HU - Humanities
SP - Oral Communications

Diversity Requirements
GA - Global Awareness
PL - United States Pluralism

College-Wide Requirements
WI - Writing Intensive

Is there a placement test for foreign language classes?
Some courses do require a language placement test.  You can find out by clicking the "View" button under "Reqs."  Language placement tests are on OASIS under the "Students" tab. You must complete the test before registering for the foreign language class. 
What courses are considered Advanced Writing?

If you placed out of Writing & Rhetoric I in the New Student Assessment, then you will need to take an advanced writing course besides Writing & Rhetoric II to fulfill your English requirement. 

The preferred courses to count for Advanced Writing in English are:

52-2801 Writing for Creative Professionals
52-2802 Writing Digital Content
52-2816 Reviewing the Arts”

NOTE: This is not the same thing as Writing Intensive. You are required to take one Writing Intensive course at Columbia to graduate. Writing Intensive courses have a "WI" code in the OASIS course catalog. 

What math class should I take?

Mathematics placement is determined by a student's score on the ACT, SAT, or Compass placement test. Students may enroll in any course for which they are qualified, but should take care to ensure that they choose a class that aligns with their academic interests and mathematics experience. For further information on any of the courses listed below, please visit the online course catalog.

Compass score ACT score SAT score Course number Course name
0-33 0-16 0-410 56-1710 Basic Math Skills
34+ 17+ 420+ 56-1720 College Mathematics
56-1723 Liberal Arts Mathmatics
56-1728 Quantitative Reasoning
50+ 20+ 490+ 56-1724 Geometry in the Arts
56-1725 Math in Art and Nature
67+ 23+ 550+ 56-1721 Mathematical Ideas (online)
56-1722 Introduction to Statistical Methods
56-1726 Math for Marketing and Managenment
56-2710 College Algebra
75+ 25+ 580+ 56-2713 Precalculus




56-2720 Calculus I
What is the difference between my official and unofficial transcript?
Official transcripts are issued by the Records Office, 312-369-7769. Official transcripts are legal documents bearing Columbia's official seal. If you are applying Columbia credit to another college or university or verifying your graduation date, you will need a copy of your Official transcript.

Unofficial transcripts are available in the Records Office & the College Advising Center. Your unofficial transcript is available online via Oasis under "Academic Record". Your unofficial transcript is used for evaluation during advising sessions as well as self evaluation, GPA information, etc.

How can I find out about transfer credits?
Information on transferring credits into Columbia is available through the Office of Degree Evaluation.
How can I get information about Study Abroad?
Visit the Academic Initiatives and International Programs site for information on International Programs including Studying Abroad.
What does this error message on OASIS mean?

The following are some commonly encountered error messages when registering online:

Registration is not currently allowed by the calendar. - You need to set your options to the semester you want to register for in OASIS. The Set Options button is at the bottom of the registration page.

set options

You have not been assigned a date/time to register. - You need to contact the Records Office if you have not been given a time to register.

You have not received faculty advising. - You need to meet with a faculty member in the department of your major before you can register for your courses.

You have not met the requisites for the course. - Many courses have prerequisites that must be taken before you are allowed to take the course. To view the requirements for a course, click the "VIEW" button on the course schedule. If you believe you have met all the prerequisites and you are still getting this message, you need to contact the department that offers the course you want to register for.

Your maximum registered hours have been exceeded. - If you want to register for more than 18 hours you need authorization from a College Advisor in the College Advising Center. Contact the College Advising Center for more information. Our main number is 312 369 7645.

You have an Academic Hold. - You have a hold on your account because your cumulative GPA dropped below 2.0. In order to clear this hold you need to meet with a College Advisor in the College Advising Center.

Registration/Transcript Hold - SFS- You have a hold on your account because you still have an open balance with Student Financial Services. Contact the SFS office for information on clearing this hold.