First Semester Courses

New to Columbia or just changed your major? Below is a list of suggested first semester courses:

Your Major:

Columbia College is unique in that students can start exploring their major (or two) from the get-go. Review academic plans for suggested courses. On the fence about your major? No problem! College advisors can help you set up your schedule so you can explore both. Contact us.

Your LAS Core:     

Students should work on their major and Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) Core simultaneously. Big Chicago, English/Writing and Mathematics are courses you should complete your first year.

Refer to your New Student Placement scores to select your English/Writing and Mathematics courses.

First Semester Experience (required for all students who have transferred in less than 15 credit hours)
48-11** Chicago: (select topic)

Use the grid below to determine which English class is best for you.

52- 1101S Writing and Rhetoric I Stretch A (college-wide elective credit) 
52- 1151 Writing and Rhetoric I 
52- 1152 Writing and Rhetoric II

Use the grid below to determine which Math class is best for you.

56- 1710 Basic Math Skills (college-wide elective credit) 
56- 1720 College Mathematics
56-1723 Liberal Arts Mathematics
56- 1728 Quantitative Reasoning
An advanced mathematics course

Balance is the key!

If you ask any Columbia College students about how to have a successful semester, they will always bring up balance. Students should always take into consideration when they will study, commute, work, be in the lab, see family and friends, eat, and even sleep. Yes, we said it...sleep. 

English and Math Placement Guide:

Liberal Arts and Sciences Course Selection Based on COMPASS Assessment, ACT and SAT Results
Required Course Compass ACT SAT
56-2720 Calculus I 80+ 27+ 620+
56-2713 Precalculus 75-79 25-26 580-610
MATHEMATICS 56-1721 Mathematical Ideas (Online Only) 
OR 56-1726 Math for Marketing 
OR 56-2706 Introduction to Statistics 
OR 56-2710 College Algebra
67-79 23-26 550-610
56-1724 Geometry in the Arts 
OR 56-1725 Math in Art and Nature
50-66 20-22 490-540
56-1720 College Mathematics 
OR 56-1723 Liberal Arts Mathematics 
OR 56-1728 Quantitative Reasoning
34-66 17-22 420-540
56-1710 Basic Math Skills 0-33 0-16 0-410
52-1152 Writing and Rhetoric II * N/A 30+ 710+
52-1151 Writing and Rhetoric I 68+ 17-29 410-700
52-1101S Writing and Rhetoric I Stretch A ** 0-67 0-16 0-409

* Six credits of English are still required for the LAS Core. Students placing out of Writing and Rhetoric I by virtue
of ACT or SAT scores must substitute an additional 2000 or 3000 level English course.
** 52-1101S is a pre-requisite for 52-1151S (Writing and Rhetoric I Stretch B), which students must take in their second semester.
Only 52-1151S satisfies three of the required six English credits in the LAS Core. 52-1101S will count as three elective credits.