5 Reasons to Invite Your Parents to Parents Weekend

Published on Sep 23, 2013

You’re starting to settle in and know your way around; Your teachers love you; You are owning it in your studio space and you know all the good places you would go out to eat if you just had a little more cash. What you really need is someone to show off all this newfound insider information to. How about those parents of yours? Parents Weekend is October 18-20 and might just be the perfect time to invite them up to your campus. Need more reasons? Okay.

  1. They’ll get to go on an art walk and see all the cool stuff you’re doing. And not just what you’re doing now, but what you’ll be doing in the future. You’ll check out the whole Columbia scene and show them the creative community that you’re a part of now.
  2. They can ask student support services all those questions they’ve been asking you. There will be representatives from college advising, student health and the portfolio center. Let them ask away and then they can let you be.
  3. They’ll meet your teachers, or at least faculty from your department. Parents can ask questions and hear about what you’re doing in your major from the horse’s mouth (Sorry, faculty. We didn’t mean that literally!)
  4. They will need to take you out to dinner. Does anyone want to maybe take you to Giordano’s, some nice place on Michigan Avenue or some other delicious resto? You know just the spot. And they will love it!
  5. They’ll get to meet the new president and be wined and dined. Brunch at the library, a few hors d’oeuvres and cocktail receptions and a special reception with Dr. Kim, the new Columbia president is all part of the program. Why? Because, we love them as much as you do. Those parents deserve some pampering.  So, maybe it’s time you invited them up. That would be nice.