Find Your Perfect Exercise

Published on Oct 17, 2013
Photo by Jacob BollPhoto by Jacob Boll

Working out has several health benefits, not least of which is to give you more energy, motivation and focus, which is something that will come in handy with all that classwork. The key to committing to a regular workout schedule is finding the workout that fits you, not trying to fit yourself to the workout. Here’s a list of workouts mapped to your personality type.

The Social Extrovert

The rec center is perfect for all the extroverts at Columbia. It’s a really social scene with several group exercise classes where your teacher will provide all the external motivation you need to break a sweat. However, the best benefit of the rec center? IT’S FREE. 731 S. Plymouth Court.

The Perfectionist

You love to accomplish and you need to do it your own way. Sweating in front of all your classmates on campus doesn’t sound too appealing, so you will want to join a gym where the serious weight lifters roll. Getting a gym membership is perfect for you busy, ordered schedule, so you can decide when to work out. With options like Xsport Fitness and The Foundry/Crossfit right on campus, there’s no excuse to not check one out.

The Competitor

Did you know Columbia has intramural teams along with a competing volleyball, dodge ball and basketball league, the Renegades? These teams are open to anyone, so go to a meeting, see what it’s all about, and get out there! The raw competition will make it fun and you’ll barely notice you worked it by the end of a game. Columbia also just joined forces with Roosevelt University and opened up a gym right on campus so there’s plenty of time and space to practice some new drills.

The Nature Lover

If running like a hamster on a treadmill does not appeal, maybe breathing some crisp lakefront air will sound more enticing. All you need are a decent pair of kicks and you can take a run on Chicago’s gorgeous lakefront. You can rent bikes for a small fee, use the new bike share system, or buy your own ride on the cheap from a used bike shop or Craigslist. It’s always good to get out there and experience Chicago in a new way.

The Seeker

If working out is a personal and spiritual effort for you, yoga will probably fit you to a tee. And it’s not just stretching; you will be sore after class, promise, and develop great flexibility. There are several studios on campus and in nearby neighborhoods that offer a discount for students and newbies, like Teja’s Yoga, plus free classes offered through the rec center. Try it out and see if you like it. Namaste.