Get that Student Job

Published on Aug 29, 2013

School is a priority. We know that. But, a little cash can come in handy…as well as a little work experience for that rez. Lucky for you, there are some great resources available to Columbia students looking for a job on campus.

Here are a few steps to help you land that student job:

  • Register for classes! Columbia requires their student employees to be enrolled in at least six credit hours of classes, so don’t forget to register on time each semester to keep your job eligibility open.
  • Put together a resume. Not only is it a good idea, in general, to draw up and revise your resume every so often, but it is an essential for getting a job! Got no clue on where to start? That’s no problem. Just contact the Career Center and they will help you whip your skills and experience into a one-page sell to get you that job!
  • Check out the Columbia Works job board. Log in with your OASIS ID and password and you can peruse the job opportunities. Don’t delay! The early bird often gets the worm with some of the plum jobs offered on the board.  You might find something that really helps you get professional work experience, in addition to some good pay. Bonus!
  • Network. It never hurts to talk with professors and staff and join organizations. The more people you know at Columbia, the better chance you have of hearing about jobs and getting hired for them. Plus, it’s good to have a relationship with teachers and staff to use as references for future employment.