J-Term Offers Exciting Course Options

Published on Nov 27, 2013
Rome is one of the J-Term course destinations.Rome is one of the J-Term course destinations.

Looking for something exciting to do during the winter break and maybe need a few more credits? You might want to consider taking a J-Term course.  These aren’t your regular Columbia classes. Many will take you to destinations as far away as Peru, Italy and France. J-Term takes place during January 5 through 25, 2014.

How to Find J-Term Classes 

Go into OASIS and browse the classes that are offered during the spring semester. If it’s a j-term class, it will have a J at the end of the course number like this… “44-786J”. You may need the instructor’s permission to register.

J-term classes fill quickly, especially if you want to go abroad. So, if you want to secure a space you need to speak with your department advisor and any other the instructor involved to find out how to apply. Registration for all courses began Nov. 4 and ends the day the class starts, though many close before that. Be aware that students have to arrange their own travel!

J-Term Classes Use the World as a Campus 

Here’s a sampling of J-Term courses offered this January.

Animation in LA: The Semester in LA program is offering a five-day animation course. Escape a week of Chicago winter on la la land. You’ll get to visit animation studios and learn about animation production from story to delivery. Classes run Jan. 19-24. If you’re interested, contact Ron Fleischer.

Mexican Culture and Arts: In Mexico, you’ll get a chance to experience Mexican culture firsthand and live with a host family. You don’t have to speak Spanish to go, but you might when you return. Students can still apply and register for the course and must submit a deposit to secure a space. Classes run Jan. 5-25. If you’re interested, contact Oscar Valdez and fill out an application!

J-Term in Rome: During this two-week intensive course, you’ll visit the highlights of Europe’s storied capital. Investigate exhibitions, museums and cultural sites in beautiful Italia. The class is open to all majors and classes run Jan 4-18. Deposits and registration are due Nov. 29. If you’re interested, contact Robert Blandford, Randy Albers, or Elizabeth Yokas in AEMM.

These classes are already full, but put them on your radar for next year.

Creative Writing in Paris: See the city of lights while experiencing life as a creative writer abroad. You get to visit various attractions for inspiration and eat some pro croissants.

Travel Writing in Peru: This journalism course integrates travel writing with blogging and multimedia production. Since Peru follows Eastern Standard Time, there’s no jet lag! Did we mention the mountains, and the ceviche? Don’t know which are more blog-worthy. 

Tip: If you’re considering going abroad during J-Term next year, make sure you contact the teacher well before registration opens. The classes fill up fast and there are often forms and registration to complete ahead of getting cleared for class registration.