Join: Show Choir

Published on Nov 01, 2013
Photo by Kat SilversteinPhoto by Kat Silverstein

Columbia’s own singing club, XC3ND Show Choir, has seen their membership increase due to the soaring popularity Glee and the cult movie hit, Pitch Perfect.  But, it also means a bit of misinformation about what it’s actually like to be in an actual performance group as opposed to a fictional one. So we decided to set the record straight by talking with the creative director, Phillip Cheng ('15) and president, Autumn Perry ('14) about what they do and why you should go see them. 

What exactly is XC3ND Show Choir?

"It’s Columbia’s very own singing and dancing performance group," says Cheng, a Cinema Art + Science major. He tells us they do two of their own originally produced shows per year and perform at events for other student organizations. Their performances include singing covers of songs by Ke$ha, Fun, Nicki Minaj, The Civil Wars, and Florence and The Machine, to name a few.

So, what types of events do you perform at?

“We try not limit ourselves to just performing for student organizations,” says Cheng. "We did two Halloween events, at Masqueerade Ball and 24-hour Night, plus we always do something for Manifest, too."

How is XC3ND Show Choir different from the the media portrayal of singing groups?

Perry, a senior film major, says that although they have been inspired by the diversity and wonderful performances on Glee and Pitch Perfect, they try to distance themselves from pop culture references and that they don't want to be trapped in a box. Individuality is key at Columbia! Plus, Cheng promises, “there’s a lot less drama.” Although they may remind people of Glee or Pitch Perfect simply because they are a show choir, they have their our own unique identity. Perry says that what comes to her mind when she thinks of XC3ND is Columbia College itself because “we try to ‘create change’ as much as possible.”

Why should you see the XC3ND Show Choir?

To check out your fellow students dancing, singing and doing a hell of a job of it. They have a broad mix of talent ranging from many different majors, departments and vocal styles. Their busy performance schedule requires lots of dedication and rehearsal time, four hours or more per week to be exact. They’re good and it shows.

How do I join?

Auditions are usually held once a year in the fall, but check back in spring because sometimes there is a second semester round of auditions. It's open to all majors and absolutely all types of people!