Lauren Gallagher

Published on Sep 24, 2013
Lauren Gallagher at her Forever Yogurt internship.Lauren Gallagher at her Forever Yogurt internship.

Lauren Gallagher, junior graphic design major, tells us about her inspiration, her internships and how to score free fro-yo.

Why did you choose Columbia?

I didn’t want to be restricted to a conventional college campus, so I really liked the idea of going to school in the city and having a lot of opportunities for internships and job experience. I also like Columbia because it’s the kind of school where you only get as much out of it as effort you put into it. The school doesn’t really hold your hand the whole time; you’re kind of on your own. You need to seek out opportunities on your own and you need to be ambitious and hardworking.

Tell us about your internship at Forever Yogurt.

It is a very unique experience interning for a small start-up company. There is definitely a very strong sense of community, and everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The tasks vary from small, menial, typical intern tasks to designing promotional material for the individual stores. I never know what to expect when I walk in, but I like being exposed to a variety of different projects. I’m continuing on at Forever Yogurt through this semester, and they’ve actually started using one of my designs on the walls of their newer stores, so that’s been really cool to see. Plus, I get free yogurt.

And you intern at more than just Forever Yogurt?

I also currently intern at Schubas Tavern as a graphic designer, which has been a completely different experience, because the company has been around for so long. I always know what tasks I’m going to need to complete before walking in. It feels really rewarding to visit the venues and see my work on the walls and screens [view her work at Lincoln Hall]. I also work on campus in the Marketing Communication Department where I make graphics for different events.

Did you use any of the resources on campus to find jobs/internships?

I constantly checked ColumbiaWorks and attended job fairs which helped me find my first job and first internship.

What do you hope to do after school?

Lately I’ve been entertaining the idea of working in publication design. I’m currently taking a class on that subject and I’m really enjoying it so far, so maybe I’ll stick with it. I’m also eager to learn more about web development and screen printing.

What’s been your favorite/most valuable class you’ve taken so far and why?

Design Lab has probably been my most valuable class. Going into college I didn’t know anything about Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and now those are the two programs I use the most. One of my favorite classes was probably Photo I, which I took my first semester here. Developing film and making prints was something that really interested me in high school so I was really excited to finally learn how all of that worked.

What inspires you?
Listening to music and looking at screen prints from different design studios. I like the aesthetic of a lot of Japanese design as well. Eureka Seven is an anime I watched in high school that has still has a lot of influence on my style today.

What do you do in your free time?

Nothing beats pizza and Mario Party with my friends on a Saturday night.

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