Megan Purazrang

Published on Aug 29, 2013
Photo by Alex WroblewskiPhoto by Alex Wroblewski

Megan Purazrang is senior journalism major, just finishing up an internship at She tells us about her work at Columbia and how that’s helped launch her career plans.

Tell us about your summer gig.

I am a web intern for Primarily, I look for stories that would fit in the realm of coverage for the website. I also spend a lot of time building photo slideshow galleries, writing stories, taking photos, attending staff meetings and photo editing. 

Did you use resources at Columbia?

Absolutely! Columbia students have so many options and resources, especially in the journalism department. Jennifer Halperin, [the internship coordinator for the Journalism Department], is the best resource to double check things with before applying. I’ve learned so much between going to see her and the portfolio center.

How did you find and get the internship?

I am extremely interested in internships within the city. Jennifer sat down and helped me find the best possibilities for my levels of interest. was interested in doing a phone interview and then had me come in for a two-part, in-person interview. This is the first year that they have chosen to pick only one person and the internship is paid.

What kind of experience are you gaining? How will it help your studies?

The “real life” experience is the best that I could possibly ask for at this stage in my career. Seeing how a newsroom works gives me so much insight into what it means to be a journalist in the purest form. The skills I have learned and practiced so far will help me become a better journalist and stronger editor/writer in my last semester.  

 Has this experience influenced what you want to do after school?

When I came to Columbia I knew I wanted to be a reporter, but I had no idea where my strengths would be at within the industry. Over the last couple of semesters I’ve decided that I want to work in a newsroom at a studio. My goal right now is to continue gaining the proper experience, strengthen my writing formats and possibly move into the producing side. NBC has given me the best foundation for my future endeavors!

Check out Megan’s portfolio.