Registration Holds, Deadlines and Clearances

Published on Dec 02, 2013
Your experience at Columbia is defined by the classes you take. Make sure any registration holds are cleared ASAP.Your experience at Columbia is defined by the classes you take. Make sure any registration holds are cleared ASAP.

It’s registration time again! Getting into the classes you need and want to take can decide whether you graduate on time…or at all. After reading this you’ll know what you’ll need to do in order to complete registration successfully and you’ll be one step closer to getting that degree.

How to Get Registration Clearance

Before you register for classes it’s recommended that you meet with your faculty advisor. At the appointment, your advisor will check on your progress and will discuss the classes you decide to take to make sure you’re on a successful path. If your department requires that you meet with your advisor before registration, you’ll be cleared to register during the meeting.

Registration Holds

If OASIS won't let you register or you want to figure out whether you have active holds, go to the Students tab in OASIS and click “Holds". In order to get rid of a registration hold, you have to meet the requirements of the hold. You can find out the hold requirements by contacting the issuing department.  There's a number of reasons there might be a hold on your record.

Types of Holds

  • Financial: Student Financial Services will place a hold on your account if you have are not up-to-date with your outstanding tuition balance. Contact SFS for more information at 1-866-705-0200 or
  • Immunization: If you’re registered for at least six credit hours you are required to get immunizations. You can view your record on OASIS.
  • Academic: Students must be in good academic standing and have a 2.0 GPA or higher to qualify for registration. Contact the College Advising Center at 312-369-7645 for more information.
  • Dean of Students: The Dean of Students can apply registration holds for various reasons so contact the office at 312-369-8038 for more information.

How to Register: A Refresher

Undergraduate registration is based on the amount of earned credit hours. You’ll get an email telling you when to register and you can register anytime after your assigned time.

Go to OASIS and click the Students tab and then go to “Course Schedule.”

Browse the list of classes offered in your department and pick the classes you want or need to take. Make sure you write down the course numbers!

Click  “Register for Classes” under the Students tab and type in the course numbers and click add. That’s it!

Students can register anytime between Nov. 4 and Feb. 1 (the end of the first week of classes) and you do so during the preceding semester. 

Add/Drop Period

If you start taking a class and realize it isn’t what you expected, you can drop it and it won’t show up on your transcript. J-Term classes can be added until the day class starts and must be dropped by the end of the first class. Regular Spring semester classes can be dropped until Feb. 8.