Your Web Presence and Portfolio

Published on Nov 11, 2013

By Creative Industry Liaison Colin DeKuiper

It used to be that a solid resume and cover letter was enough to breach the basic needs of job seeking and interview.  This is no longer enough.  Employers and collaborators in any profession now need to see your work before meeting you and a bullet point on your resume isn't going to cut it. Put yourself in the shoes of your future employer who just received your stellar resume that you crafted with assistance from the Career Center.  What would you do next?

You’d Google the applicant.  

What will they find about you?  Search for yourself and ask the following questions:

  • What do these search results yield?  
  • How current is the information that appears in the top search results?  
  • Is your area of expertise clearly evident in these results?
  • Is there clear evidence of the skills and experience in the area of work that you’re applying?

These questions are all worth serious consideration as you are beginning the task of developing your web presence.  If you’re worried about what you find when your google yourself, don’t let this bring you down. There are a few ways to work on retroactively removing pieces of your web presence. However, more importantly, think about what new elements you can bring to your web presence.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is a great start if you haven’t yet entered the world of career networking sites, but there are a number of other platforms worth exploring and building profiles on. Either way, this concept of displaying and promoting yourself is often best left to creating a web portfolio of your own.  We provide free websites through a company called Virb that allows you to quickly create a template-based website.

A web portfolio allows for depth that your resume does not provide.  It can also be stamped with your own domain (i.e. - and exists solely to promote and display what you have done. We are visual creatures and the web portfolio allows for understanding a role or experience with the contextual support of images, audio, video, and elaborate text descriptions.  It is a way to encapsulate what you have done in the classroom, on the job, or for your own satisfaction and development.

Keep in mind, the web portfolio is not static.  Your portfolio will develop with you so there is no better time to start than now.  Your portfolio does not need to be fully realized upon inception so please use the Career Center as your starting line to creating your very own portfolio.