Manifest 2015 Creative Director

Published on Nov 25, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Creative Director for Manifest 2015 is Monique Doron.

A sophomore from Maple Grove, MN, Doron is a Graphic Design major who screen prints for various band gig posters and is involved with the Student Programming Board and Students in Design during her spare time.

Doron choose Columbia because of the college’s strong sense of community.

“I wanted to be a part of something that cared about my work and what I do,” explains Doron.  

One class that has influenced Doron’s design work was Color Theory taught by Anna Kunz.

“Colors are such a visual things and [the class] helped me learn what colors go together,” says Doron.

You can see Doron’s Graphic Design study reflected in her winning design:

doron winning design

"In creating the overall design I wanted to portray something more modern, futuristic even. I wanted to incorporate geometric shapes and the use of straight line work,” explains Doron.  

“To portray ‘Focus’ I wanted to portray the idea that Columbia students are always planning forward and perfecting the way they present their work. Hence the framing of hands in the poster. I also wanted to create a design that imitated the way photographers manually focus their lenses within the poster design and the star. Columbia students are always focused on perfecting their craft at hand, all while keeping in mind the bigger picture of their dreams and aspirations."