Student Spotlight: Lynsey Mukomel '15

Published on Oct 14, 2014
Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)

By Trelyn Lewis

A journalism major at Columbia College, Lynsey Mukomel '15 is taking full advantage of the professional experience offered inside and outside of campus. 

What is it like being a Journalism major at Columbia College?

My favorite part is the hands-on learning. I've never felt overwhelmed by textbook materials or in-depth exams because professors have us out in the field reporting. As a student, it's comforting to know they're assigning us work that is the same work we'll be doing once we find jobs.

I'm learning about lighting, framing, writing and delivery because I'm out on the street, using a camera and microphone, and developing my own story lines - not reading book examples and answering questions based on hypothetical situations. I feel extremely prepared to graduate because every class in my major provides real-world experiences. 

How has Columbia College impacted you thus far?

I credit the entire journalism department as having the biggest impact on me. Teachers are also working professionals, so what they're teaching is based on what they experience on a daily basis. Their enthusiasm for journalism shows every time I'm on the 2nd floor of the 33 E. Congress building.

Aside from being good role models for students, they keep us accountable. They know what's expected in the professional world and what needs to be done to achieve that. I would be in a very different place if my professors only did the bare minimum and didn't push me to become a better journalist.  

What have you done outside of the classroom? 

I've interned under Investigative reporter Pam Zekman at CBS 2 and News Planning Editor Pam Oliver at NBC 5. Both experiences were amazing. I also anchored a segment on the department's Windy City Webcast in order to practice my on-camera and writing skills.  

Outside the J-Department I stay involved with Student Engagement and help plan and execute events on campus. I love working for that office because they're extremely understanding when it comes to students pursuing opportunities in their respective fields. They're so supportive.

What are you plans for after graduation? 

Ultimately I want to be a well-respected Investigative reporter in a large market, but really my plan is just to get a job and work my butt off. I can't let the awesome education I've gotten at Columbia go to waste.