Student Spotlight: Scott Wilson (’15)

Published on Aug 29, 2014
Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)

Scott Wilson (’15)

Traditional Animation

Traditional Animation student Scott Wilson (’15) gains real-world experience with enriching internships and stays active with the college’s club sports organization.

Scott Wilson (’15) became fascinated with Columbia College Chicago when he saw students’ animation work on Facebook. Today, he is a part of the BFA program for Traditional Animation. When he transferred to Columbia from the University of Missouri, he quickly involved himself in the animation program.

“History of Animation was a really cool class,” says Wilson. “It was awesome to see the start of animation compared to how advanced it is today.”

Learning the Professional Tools

In classes like Digital Animation Techniques, Wilson masters the professional programs used by major animation studios like Disney, Fox and Nickelodeon. He has learned additional useful tools through hands-on internships.

“I learned a lot with After Effects while I was interning at FOX 2 [St. Louis], and it really helped the rest of my career,” says Wilson. After Effects also comes into play at an internship at Sarofsky, a production studio in Chicago that worked on the special effects of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and other big-name projects.

“The career center really helped me out,” Wilson says. “Columbia College provides you with plenty of resources to be successful,” says Wilson.

Getting Physical

In his free time, Wilson connects with other students in a unique setting for an arts school: through movement and exercise with Columbia Renegades, the college’s club sports organization, for which he serves as vice president.

“At Mizzou and other big universities, there are clubs where people can get together and collaborate, but here at Columbia, it's like everybody is willing to get together and collaborate,” says Wilson.

Although Columbia doesn’t have traditional sports teams, the Renegades group provides an outlet for fun, healthy competition with club sports such as baseball, basketball and volleyball. The Renegades also host monthly fitness events to get the whole student community moving.