Papermaker's Garden Nominated for Best of Downtown Award

Published on Apr 15, 2014
Photo by Emily Madigan.Photo by Emily Madigan.

As you walk to class on Wabash Avenue, it’s hard to ignore all of the art and culture that surrounds you on the street. You’re not the only person who’s taken notice either. Civic Artworks has recognized the Papermaker’s Garden and the Wabash Arts Corridor and nominated them for your vote in the awards!

The Papermaker’s Garden, part of the Center for Book & Paper Arts, has been nominated for the Best New Downtown Public Space Award. It’s located on the corner of Wabash Ave & 8th St, across from the Chicago Hilton.

The Wabash Arts Corridor’s Annual Art Crawl has been nominated for Best Event in Chicago. The corridor spans all of Wabash featuring street art and the numerous galleries open to visit.

Want to take part in voting? Log on to the Civic Artworks’ website or register on Facebook to help pick the winner of these two categories and vote for the other categories as well!