Join: Student Government Association

Published on Mar 18, 2014

Columbia’s Student Government Association, or SGA as you’ve probably seen it on posters around campus, is a great way for every department to come together and get involved.

What does SGA do?

SGA is an elected body of student representatives whom act as advocates for Columbia by working with faculty and administration. According to Vice President of Communications Jessica Kwasniewski, SGA allows you to be the voice of your department and of your fellow students. The mission itself is simple; SGA strives to provide students with opportunities to grow academically, artistically, professionally and personally. 

How do I get involved?

Elections are coming up! Head to SGA’s website read the application packet, submit a signature petition and fill out an application to apply. Once you finish that up, head to The Loft (916 S. Wabash, 4th Floor) to turn it in. Many departments need a new representative and at-large positions are also available. Applications are due April 8th by 4 p.m.

If you want to stay involved with a little less pressure, attend meetings every Tuesday in the Loft at 5 p.m. The entire student body is also encouraged to vote April 18th-25th.

What will I get out of joining SGA?

SGA acts as a fantastic opportunity for students. You’ll be able to emerge yourself in Columbia’s diverse campus and work with students and faculty. SGA members work to ensure welfare of our environment and campus and stay well-equipped with information. Not to mention, your friend group will grow exponentially. Every department at Columbia is involved and every voice is heard—make yours one of them!