Join: Tic Toc

Published on Apr 08, 2014

Tic Toc, a group of street entertainers, will again be a part of the Manifest excitement this year but they’re switching it up by presenting performance art centered on food. (Yes, that means there will be free food involved.)

We interviewed Ania Greiner, the brain behind the Tic Toc excitement. Check out what she has to say about these sensational artists: 

How will Tic Toc include food presentations at Manifest this year?

We’re adding a special showcase called "ic Toc Food Spots. Artists are invited to perform at some of the receptions happening on campus from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. For this work, artists must serve food to guests as an integral part of their piece. It's all about the artists and audience interacting directly, in a safe and entertaining way.

We're also doing the same type of showcase for Tic Toc as last year where artists activate underused yet highly traveled spaces on campus–lobbies, windows, sidewalks, gardens.

What kind of food can guests expect to eat at the Tic Toc Food Spots?

For example, we might have an artist who is doing a performance about how lemons are picked by migrant workers, and they would serve lemonade to the guests. An artist might do a piece about rewards and punishment and have special treats for the audience as "rewards". Another group might do a piece around fortunes, fate and luck and offer up fortune cookies.

Want to participate?

Students and alumni are invited to submit proposals online! Tic Toc is looking for performance artists, dancers, improvisers, actors, and sculptors until April 15, 2014.