The Loft Sessions: Earl

Published on Apr 08, 2014

This week's Loft Sessions features an acoustic performance by Columbia’s own Earl. If you've been involved with the music scene around campus, you've likely already heard their music. Having performed at last year's Biggest Mouth and Manifest, the band has made an impressive mark with nearly every opportunity. This week is no different; as the band sat down to perform two golden songs.

Earl features members such as Jeff Grady, who plays the guitar, drums, lead vocals, and also serves as the producer and audio engineer. Elly Tier plays cello, guitar, and acts as backup vocals. Peter Babcock plays the saxophone and the guitar. The members all met at Columbia a few years back, where they soon realized they all played an instrument. It wasn’t long before jam sessions started taking place. The band wrote their first song when they had an opportunity to play at Little Mouth. The performance garnered a lot of positive feedback, taking the band all the way to Big Mourth, where they found their name.

As they were about to take stage at Big Mouth, they realized they didn't have an official name. A number of different options were tossed around under the instant pressure, and Earl was the name that stuck. Although the moniker was only supposed to be temporary, it became a lasting idea. It is a fitting name for a band that plays well-crafted music in an effortless fashion.

Band members Jeff and Elly are currently collaborating on the score for an upcoming documentary, Dream Factories. Elly, who is a sophomore majoring in Cinema Arts and Science, also served as a camera operator for the film. Jeff, a junior, is majoring in music composition and currently has an internship at ARU studios.

The bands talent can be witnessed as they perform acoustic versions of “Weekend” and “Hotel”. Using innovative percussion, an acoustic guitar, and a cello, the songs quickly take a life of their own as is evident in both recordings. Keep on the lookout for what the future holds for this group, almost anything seems like it can be possible.