The Loft Sessions: Flashburn Beatbox

Published on Apr 22, 2014

This week's Loft Sessions takes a look at Austin Chin, better known as Flashburn Beatbox, who has captured a large following through YouTube, competitions, and live beatboxing performances.

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that utilizes one’s mouth to create a library of sounds such as beats, turn tables, FX, vocals, and drum machine sounds. All beats and noises are generated by Flashburn Beatbox himself. He uses no instruments or processed effects. Everything you hear is naturally created by his technique, skill, and ability.

At any given moment, something can come along and change your life forever. That moment was April 4th, 2011 for Flashburn. While on viral blogger Ray William Johnson’s website, Flashburn clicked on a beatboxing video titled “Man Speaks Dubstep (beatboxer Reeps One)”. The video created a profound and lasting impression that would serve as a catalyst for Flashbrun Beatbox’s entry into the world of beatboxing.

The simple action of a mouse click opened the door to many influential artists such as Reeps One, Skiller, Dharni, and Flashburn’s most notable influence, krNfx (pronounced “Korean FX). Soon after, Flashburn found himself watching every beatboxing tutorial he could find. Analyzing, practicing, and learning what would soon become his impressive body of work.

Music has always played an important role in Flashburn Beatboxer’s life. Having lived in places such as Orlando FL, Ohio, California, Indiana, and now Chicago, a wide variety of musical tastes have developed. While a double major at Columbia, Flashburn practices guitar, piano, and keyboard to keep up with Columbia’s Contemporary Urban Popular Music program.

When not practicing music you can find him listening to bands such as Slipknot, Green Day, and genres such as EDM, metal, happy hardcore, Jungle, and Trap. As a leader in his high school’s comedy improv club, performance has always been something that comes naturally.

Flahsburn’s other passion in life is gaming. Having played video games since before he could read, Flashburn is also majoring in game design. It has been a life long dream for him to create and design video games. It was for this reason that Flashburn ended up in Chicago. Columbia offered a program in both of his passions, music and gaming, two things he says he could never live without.

The Loft Sessions caught up with Flashburn to capture his latest efforts. See for yourself what took place during the recordings, we think you’ll be pleased. The videos are a testament to the skill and effort Flashburn Beatbox puts into his work.

You can catch him performing at Manifest on May 16th, Columbia’s Got Talent on May 1st, and this Thursday April 24th at Columbia’s premier music event Biggest Mouth, which includes artists such as Ajani, OBY, and Lucid Lives, among others.