Making Manifest Happen in the Classrooms

Published on Apr 15, 2014

Every year, classes at Columbia help make Manifest the awesome that it is. The focus of these classrooms is promoting, coordinating, and programming several aspects of the largest arts festival in the world. Check out what exciting things are going on in the classroom for Manifest 2014!

Marketing II - Nissan Wasfie

In the Marketing II class, students work with marketing to an external audience outside of the Columbia community. This year, they decided to create a campaign entitled Manifest Your Future. Their campaign focuses on reaching out to local performing arts high schools, and getting their students to come to Manifest. Class instructor, Nissan Wasfie said, “The idea is to travel to a few schools with a taste of what Manifest has to offer (music, dance, visual, etc). Then we would give the high school students an incentive to come to Manifest and play a special game designed just for them (with prizes of course!). The game would involve them exploring all around campus and exposing them to our awesome student's work!”

Learn more about the Marketing II class’ Manifest pitch on Frequency TV.

Events Management Practicum: Main Lot - Kari Sommers

Kari Sommers’ section of Event Management Practicum is responsible for envisioning, planning, managing and executing the main Manifest Festival Lot at 1001 S. Wabash. The students begin the process by determining the organizational structure they would like to use and writing their individual job descriptions. The students are responsible for negotiating the mission, vision, and theme for their lot, including the design, budget, plan, and then execution.

As Professor Kari Sommers explains, “This class wanted to integrate what they are doing with the rest of the festival and align their event with the Manifest theme of ‘Flight.’  So, they brainstormed ideas and came up with the name ‘Urban Cloud.’  Using all available elements, the lot will feel like you are walking into an ‘Urban Cloud.’ There will be sky blue tents, a Fitness, Athletics and Recreation sponsored zipline that partners with our student Muggles club to allow our guests to don Harry Potter robes, costumes and props as they fly down, flight inspired photo booths (AdClub) and an aerial dancer centerpiece. The students are very creative and professional and the environment will be both awe-inspiring and engaging.”

Events Management Practicum: Nexus Lot - Sharod Smith

This section of Events Management Practicum is responsible for the planning and execution of all activities that will take place on the lot at the corner lot at Wabash and Balbo, Terminal XIV. The Terminal XIV lot will aim to enhance the overall experience and mission of Manifest through collaboration with other Columbia groups and classes. Their collaborating partners include the Student Health Center, the Art & Design Department, Entrepreneurship classes and AEMMP Talent Agency. As said by student Mackenzie Gee, “Our hope is that visitors to our lot will feel like they are in an airport terminal. We hope to deliver the same level of excitement that would be present if they were about to board a plane to the destination of their dreams.”

Make sure you check out the innovative work of all these classes, and many more this year at Manifest on Friday May 16th!