Manifest Spotlight: SPB

Published on Apr 29, 2014

The Student Programming Board (SPB) is one of many Columbia student organizations that play a big role in coordinating Manifest each year. Combining their creative ideas, hosting auditions, and booking bands, SPB works tirelessly to coordinate spaces all day and bring you the Mainstage bands at Manifest!

At last year's festival, SPB programmed and coordinated the Pop-Up Music Lounge on the corner of 9th and Wabash. This project involved a complete tear out and re-decoration of a space, the securing of several sponsors, and reaching out to artists and partners in the space. The Pop-Up Lounge had a live DJ all day, as well as a photo op for Manifest attendees, and work being sold by several different artists.

"It was cool because we got the opportunity to create something from nothing and make the music lounge in the span of only a week," explains Zack Dessent, a senior who is also the Social Media Manager of SPB.

The student-run space was a huge success at Manifest 2013 and will be back as the go-to hang out spot for this year's Urban Arts Festival on Friday, May 16th.

Additionally, SPB starts their work very early in the school year of brainstorming bands to fill the headliner spot on the Mainstage at Manifest. Both the executive board and the general board collaborate to create a list of all potential Manifest artists that are breaking into the industry and generating media buzz. The list is then refined to include the bands that best portray the spirit of Manifest. SPB and Columbia reach out to the booking agents of these artists to pitch Manifest and find out their availability and price. Under the guidance of Program Coordinator, Marcus Foster, and the Student Activities and Leadership Staff, SPB then decides on a final band to take the headliner spot at Manifest.

It is also SPB's responsibility to book student bands at Manifest, which they do through an annual audition process. Every year one student band is also given the opportunity to perform on the Mainstage as the winner of Biggest Mouth, a yearly event hosted by SPB.

Don't miss this year's headliners, Young Blood Hawk and the Hood Internet, and several student bands on the Mainstage at Manifest. When you're ready to take a load off, the Pop-Up Lounge will be open thanks to the great work of SPB.