Fall Registration Announcement

Published on May 13, 2014

It’s that time of year again! Registration for the fall 2014 semester has already started. Have you signed up for classes yet?

If not, now is a good time to start looking into the classes you should take. Some courses require clearance from your adviser or the professor themselves. Others require a number of pre-requisites and even those might need to be okayed by a faculty member!

Don’t put off building your semester until the end of the summer. Unlike past years, incoming students won’t be waiting until their Orientation in July or August to register. Instead of looking into open classes in July, they get to start bright and early on May 2o.

So if you’re still in need of some gen-eds, grab an open spot now! It doesn’t take long for popular or high-demand classes to fill.

If you have any holds on your account, clear those up ASAP. Classes for fall 2014 start September 2!