You Are Here: The start of Orientation Leader info sessions

Published on Mar 11, 2014

Starting college means freedom, independence and new experiences. All are so exciting! What’s even better is having someone there to guide you through the very beginning.

So if you’re interested in making someone’s college transition amazing, you should apply to be an Orientation Leader! OLs are ambassadors to incoming students prior to the fall and spring semesters.

“I had a really strong urge to help other people who were coming into Columbia,” says Sophomore Journalism major Diamond Brown, who was an Orientation Leader last summer and is now Head OL, a position in which she oversees other OLs while still helping incoming students.

How to Become an OL                             

  1. Attend a 30-minute information session. They're required for all applicants. You’ll learn more about the benefits and responsibilities. It's also where you pick up an application. 
  2. Fill out an application. The application requires an essay and two recommendations. The deadline to apply is April 2 at 5 p.m. All students must return their applications in person to New Student Programs at 623 S. Wabash, Suite 313.
  3. Go to the interview. When you submit your application, you will sign up for a group interview slot. No need to worry about doing it alone!

Benefits of Being an OL

Helping other students through leadership: OLs are at class registration, Weeks of Welcome, and various events aimed at new students to help answer questions and to offer their perspectives.

Networking with students and faculty: “You get to build connections with people who are outside of your major,” says Brown. “You get to meet the incoming students and they have a lot to offer. You make a lot of great friendships!”

Stepping out of you box: “I gets you out of you shell,” says Brown. “You have to go to people and initiate conversation all the time. You probably wouldn’t do that in your classes as much.”

There’s a stipend: An OLs hard work is much appreciated and you get paid during the summer and winter!