Kick-Start Your Online Professional Presence

Published on Sep 15, 2015

By Ashley Wolfgang

As you begin to start your creative career, it's important to brand your online presence and portfolio to help prepare you for on-campus employment, internships, and your first job after graduation. Here are five short tips to kick-start your personal brand and to give you the position you want!

Update your Loopmail signature 

To update your email signature in your Loopmail account:

  1. Click the settings button in the top right corner
  2. Check the signature button and format your professional signature as reflected below:

[Preferred Name]
Pronouns: [__/__/__]
[Major] [Graduation Year]

Compile work examples to create your portfolio 

In addition to your resume, it's essential that you have a body of work to show your future employers. Whether it be an on-campus job or your dream internship, your potential employer needs to see examples of your work in order to futher the hiring process. A great way to start displaying and promoting yourself online is by creating a Talent Pool profile, a LinkedIn profile or a personal web portfolio such as Virb that allows you to quickly create a template-based website. A web portfolio can be branded with with your own domain (i.e. - and creatively and visually promote and display what you have done inside and outside the classroom.

Create your personal brand

We live in an age powered by social media and web presense, so your portfolio, resume, and personal brand should reflect just that! Now that you're starting to jump into your creative field, streamline your social media accounts to reflect one brand, be it your name, your own company or designs, or a fun play on both. Whatever you decide, it's essential that this reflects you and your creative work. As you start to develop this brand, link your online portfolio and resume to your social media accounts as a chance to network with creative professionals in your field. 

Make an appointment with the Portfolio Center 

Updating your professional presence can seem daunting at first, but luckily the Portfolio Center holds weekly resume and portfolio sessions and are available for individual meetings whenever you need! See the full list of events here. Need even more help? Learn how to schedule a one-on-one appointment here.