Meet Your New Students

Published on Sep 15, 2015

It's the start of another school year which means you have a entire class of first-years, transfers, and new graduate students joining you on campus! Meet some of the new faces below and follow the story all semester long on our instagram @thestudentloop 

Giovanni Rojas ('19)

Giovanni Rojas ('19)
Technical Theatre
Cicero, IL
Giovanni chose Columbia because, "It's one of the best art schools in Chicago. I wanted to learn theatre and there's no better place for than then Columbia."

Jackie Sreenan

Jackie Sreenan ('17)
Transfer student
Rockford, IL
Interior Architecture 

Jackie's most excited for, "being in Chicago and being in the city. Just walking up and down the streets is the most exciting thing."

Adrien Chavez

Adrien Chavez ('19)
Music Composition
Chicago, IL
Instagram: @adrien_chavez30
"I get inpired by watching interviews of different artists. When something is new but different, that's what inspires me."

Gianna Smith

Gianna Smith ('19)
Darien, Illinois
Fashion Business and minoring in Marketing
Instagram: @giannarosaliee
"I chose Columbia because of the opportunities that are available by going to school in a major city full of such diversity, talent and creativity. I feel I have all of the resources I need to grow and succeed in my major here at Columbia because I'm surrounded by people who love and share the same passion as I do."

Why did you choose Columbia? What are you excited for? How do you stay creative outside of classes? Share your story with us on Instagram @thestudentloop, twitter @studentloop, and Facebook @cccstudentloop 

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