Vote for the 2016 Manifest Creative Director!

Published on Nov 03, 2015

1. Cassidy Kapson ('16)

Cassidy Kapson's Manifest Submission

"For my designs I really wanted to represent the idea of animation and movement in an eye-catching way. By using a high contrast color scheme with dynamic movement and line, I have created an image that "moves," even though it is technically static. My goal for the campaign is to stray from minimalism and instead use imagery that is vivid and refuses to be ignored. Manifest is such an explosion of energy every year, and I think the design of the festival should reflect that."

2. JJ McLuckie ('17)

JJ McLuckie's Manifest Submission

"Working off of my major, I wanted to utilize as much illustrative visual storytelling as I could. Firstly, the poster and star design would revolve around the current Columbia College Chicago color palette. The star is made of a viscous constantly moving fluid, like Columbia students that are constantly changing and forming new ideas. That is why the fluid is coming out of the persons head and hands, as artists have to both utilize their mind, hands, and body to create. The footprints are this as well, as artists, everything that we do leaves a mark. This trail is leading from Chicago, because no mater where any of us go with our careers, Chicago will be our home. The person is walking through a finish line ribbon because, for many this is their final semester at Columbia. Thus, I thought that the finish line would be a good metaphor for how big of a celebration Manifest is and how it acts as cutting the ribbon to the rest of your life."

2. Silvia Tangaro ('17)

Silvia Tangaro's Manifest Submission

"For the Manifest Urban Arts Festival my interpretation of the Manifest star is THRIVE. As Columbia students we are given so many great opportunities to shine, although it is up to us to take each and every opportunity and thrive. I took the idea of “animate” to show what we do each and everyday. I decided to pick an octopus figure because it resembles a Columbia student, having the ability to have many talents and manage a million things at once. I wanted to use bold and bright colors to depict the Manifest shining star. I believe this design will have everyone take a second look, most of all it will resonate with each individual."

Vote for your favorite by November 17, 2015.