Plan Your Campus Event

Published on Jan 26, 2015

Step One: Conceive the Event
What is the purpose of your event and what do you hope to accomplish? Who is your target audience? What is your budget? Who are your partners, vendors, sponsors and/or talent? 

  • Student Engagement and Culture: Consider partnerships with Multicultural Affairs and International Student Affairs.
  • Student Organizations and Leadership: Consider partnerships with one or more of the 60+ student organizations. 
  • ColumbiaCaresA student-led fundraising initiative that assists students with acute, unforeseen needs ranging from emergency food, clothing, shelter or transportation. Are there opportunities to support peer-to-peer fundraising at your event?
  • *General Counsel: Processes for reviewing event contracts.
  • *Development and Alumni Office: VIP Protocols, fundraising, and in-kind gift guidelines for faculty and staff.
  • *Purchasing: Purchasing procedures and preferred vendor information.

Room Set-Up

Step Two: Room Set-Up
What kind of space best suits your event? How many people will attend? What is the capacity? How will space be used? Are you having a dance party or need chairs for a screening? Will there be catering? Will you need catering clean-up, composting and/or recycling?

Step Three: Technical Needs
What are the tech needs for your event? Is there a band and you need backline (instruments)? Is there a speaker who needs a microphone? Are you hosting film screening and need a projector?

Schedule a Space

Step Four: Schedule a Space
When is your event? How much time will you need to set up? What are the building hours and will you need an extension? 

Step Five: Marketing
How will people know about my event? (Posters? Social media? Campus newsletters?)

  • Office of Student Communications: Graphic design, photo/video services and campus communications such as social media and newsletters. 
  • XEROX: Price breakdown, poster distribution and “how to” information to print marketing materials.
  • College Event CalendarPromotion through the online event calendar and Talley-Ho. 
  • Frequency TVPotential partnership with campus tv station.
  • The Columbia Chronicle: Information about contributing stories and advertising opportunities.
  • *Marketing/Communications and Web Services: Information about college-wide communication guidelines.

Event Day

Step Six: Event Day
How will you manage your time and resources the day of your event? Do you have a production schedule that includes staffing, set-up, performance line-up and clean-up?

* For Faculty and staff only

Need more direction? All Columbia College Chicago students, staff, and faculty are invited to attend one of two Event Expos:

Wednesday, February 11, 1-2:30pm at Stage Two

Thursday, February 12, 10-11:30am at the Conaway Center