Manifest 2015: Paintball

Published on May 12, 2015

Main Lot | 1:00-7:00pm

Check out Paintball, an interactive and creative experience developed, designed, and managed by the Event Management Practicum coursein the Business and Entrepreneurship department. Hightlights of the program will include:

Television Arts Collection
Merchandise promotional booth that will feature a Paint Ball inspired video created by members of TAC. The slow motion video will show membersgetting paint, both wet and powered, thrown at them. 

Student Activities & Leadership
Design your own canvas tote! SAL will show guests how to stamp, bedazzle, paint and decorate their very own tote and be able to take it home!

XCEND Show Choir
XCEND invites guests to come through and paint their dancers in aninteractive music and movement spectacle. Water cannons filled with colorful paint willcreate a truly living piece of art. The ensemble is a canvas waiting to be painted.

Fitness, Athletics, and Recreation (FAR)
Ride the ZIPLINE, challenge your friends on our new Inflatable Obstacle Course or take advantage of our new merchandise for purchase. 15% of proceeds will go to Columbia Cares. Also, stick around to see Columbia’s proud POMS team perform! 

Arts + Activism
Do you know what an Exquisite Corpse” activity is? Participants are asked to use drawing, painting or collage to create one 8.5” x 11” section of an Exquisite Corpse –either head, torso or legs – that will later be combined with sections made by otherguests/artists. Also, guests can contribute to much large 2’ X 6’ Exquisite Corpse. The top six works created will receive prizes. 

PGA (Please Generate Art)
A lazer tag/tug of war inspired maze that invites you and 5 ofyour closest friends (or enemies!) to gear up and super soak each other!

Alpha Lab Game Design Club
Thinking outside the box (or canvas)?! Using multiple computers set up with Occulus Rift VR headsets, participants will be presented with a virtual canvas that they can throw globs of paint at, in a 3D environment.

Will host an open mic “Joke Off” challenge. Two participants will go head to head, each telling a joke. Loser gets soaked with water soluble paint! 

The Columbia Collaborative
A Drop in the Bucket": Do you know what the sound of dripping/pouring is like? Is it different with an eye dropper, a watering can, a turkey baster,pitcher, and more.  We will be recording and playing with a microphone, sound system and a laptop with sound editing software. Passersby will be encouraged to drop paintballs into a bucket of water and/or record dripping sounds with the available objects, which will then be remixed into musicand played back over other water sounds recorded throughout the day. 

Ad Club
The Advertising club of Columbia wants you to use your imagination as theyentertain you with various optical illusions. Ad Club’s table will also feature a mural paintingactivity, arts & crafts and the opportunity to have your photo taken with your creations!

This Korean organization would like the student body to get to know them a little better. Join us for face painting, and interesting interactions! 

National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Participate in fun balloon popping canvas art! balloons filled with paint will be pinned to two large canvases and gamers will have the opportunity to pop the balloons, pouring the paint down the canvas. 

Columbia Edge
A harmless and fun game of Root Beer Pong! 

InterVarsity Arts
Join us for a prayer path/labyrinth with artwork placed along the path to inspire and encourage contemplation. The goal is to is to encourage our audience to think about focus: What are they focused on now? what do they want their focus to be? What path are they on now? Is that path taking them to where they want to go? In the center of the labyrinth therewill be a large blank canvas with some paint that they will be invited to use to express their thoughts. 

We have created our own version of the inside of Dr. Who’s TARDIS.  Join us for our circular lounge (space ship) that will be around 15 feet in diameter with a centerpiece (TARDIS console) that is about 5 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Guests are encouraged to approach the TARDIS console to flip switches, turn keys, push buttons, toucha plasma ball, and spin wheels. Surrounding the TARDIS console will be the “Space Ship Lounge” - a recreational area where you can participate in a DR. Who trivia game... with prizes! 

Picture Perfect
Join us for our fun photography booth! Dress up with your friends and family,“Pose & Pivot” for the camera and download your photos later by having them sent to your email! 

Viva Doc
Viva Doc understands how out of the box Columbia is and wants to document this with a not so ordinary Q&A. Interviewees will be filmed answering questions randomly selected from a fish bowl. The questions are also randomly submitted by participants at manifest. Get as creative and curious as you want! 

Tracers: Feminist Parking Lot
Celebrate and explore crafting as a radical feminist form of production and economy. Tracers Book Club lead workshops and demonstrations in zine production, printmaking, nail art, and more. 

Think Tango, Waltz, Mosh Pit, or Ballroom Blitz.  You and a friend enter, dance, make contact (or not) and best of all... paint each other.  For real.

We can't forget to thank you sponsors: Student Government Association, the Buckingham, Dimo's, Cafecito, Flaco's Tacos... and more!