Student Spotlight: Jasmine Deiri ('15)

Published on Mar 17, 2015
Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)

By Michael Garcia ('15)

What made you decide to major in Fashion Business?

I actually started pursuing a major in biology back home in San Antonio at my two-year school. After a couple of classes I lost interest in that and started messing with clothing and styles more. I found I loved being a part of that and wanted to pursue that as a career. 

And that’s what brought you to Columbia?

I knew a bunch of people from high school who moved up here and when time came for me to find a new school they had an extra room open and it just worked out. Chicago offers such a change in people, weather, art scene, music, and everything than in San Antonio; a lot more opportunities and options are here and I pursue them daily.

Is that what makes Columbia unique for you? 

It is that, but also the teachers here have a lot of experience with teaching and within their industry. They each add their own interesting perspective, like Jerry Speck who taught my Fashion Evaluation class was one of my favorites. He was on point with everything.

How are you expanding your career beyond the classroom?

I do freelance styling where I work with people to create an image for them. I style friends, but I also work with higher profile people; I did styling for a local rapper on his music video. Working with an artist to create a visual style for them is always a fun experience and I learned a lot about working with freelancing projects, like how to use contracts and make sure things are followed up on. The most important part besides the experience is getting paid. 

How do you find these people to style and work with?

Word of mouth, I use people I know and just try and talk to and meet as many people as I can. It takes a lot of networking to start making a name for yourself, also having a clear vision of what you want for and knowing yourself really helps too.