Student Spotlight: Liam Manglano ('17)

Published on Mar 10, 2015
Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)Photo Credit: Emiliy Madigan ('15)

Although he only just completed his first-year at Columbia College Chicago, Liam Manglano ('17) is showing multiple examples of his natural motivation to succeed in whatever he pursues. A Live and Performing Arts Management Major, Manglano is currently working at Reggie’s Music Joint, has already landed an internship, and was even a runner for the band Fun.

By Michael Garcia ('15)

How did you land your job Reggie’s?

I came to a show here and afterwards I walked up to one of the staff and asked if I could talk with the internship hirer. I spoke with her, sent in my resume and next thing I knew I was working for Reggie’s. 

How ‘s the experience been so far?

It’s been great so far. It’s a lot more street teaming and things like that compared to my last internship but I really love being able to work at a place I love. I mean I get to come to work at an awesome venue everyday.

What was your last internship? 

I actually managed to get a job at Jam Entertainment Services right out of high school, which was really exciting. They normally don’t hire such young people, but making connections really pays off. David Kennedy, the guy who runs Taste of Chicago, knew my dad and that helped me get my foot in the door. Next thing I knew I was a runner for the band Fun. while they played that festival.

What other things did you do with Jam?

It was a lot of fun working that event. Other things with Jam were a lot of talent management, booking, and things like that. Way more behind a desk than at Reggie’s.

So what brought you to Columbia instead of just pursuing more career opportunities?

I came to college for the same reasons everyone does, to get a degree to better my future, expand on my knowledge, and find myself. But the reasons I came to Columbia is because they were they only school that offered this kind of Talent Management degree and of course being in my favorite city.

So what work have you done at Columbia?

Well not too much since I’m still a freshman but I did have a lot of fun in my Entertainment Marketing class making a marketing plan for Marvel comics.  I also really enjoyed my Business of Live and Performing Arts class, taught by Joseph Bogdan. I plan on taking advantage of the classes taught here at Columbia and create my own degree almost for live performing. 

And what do you plan on for the future? 

Well I want to continue my education and go to grad school for marketing and then hopefully get a job at a record label like Fearless or Rise records or work at a talent agency on the west coast. Or, if everything works out, I can work my dream job at Marvel Comics! It’s all up in the air but I’m looking forward to the experience.