Vote for the 2017 Manifest Creative Director

Published on Nov 04, 2016
The final three designs are here! Choose your favorite and vote for the creative director of Manifest 2017. The deadline for voting is Tuesday, November 22. 

Lisa Hogue's Manifest Poster

Lisa Hogue
“For my design, I chose to have the Manifest Star emerging from a sea of black and white stars. The stars are all of varying sizes, and while the Manifest Star isn't the largest among them, it stands out with it's bright color. Each star is layered in an order, but the Manifest Star breaks this order. This is what we, as students of Columbia, do. We stand out with our bright ideas and desire to make change.”

JJ McLuckie's Manifest Poster

JJ McLuckie
"Utilizing the theme "emerge", my campaign concept showcases the incredible energy that Manifest creates for both the outsider emerging to discover Manifest and those at Columbia emerging directly into the center of it with their own ideas.

In the poster a person rises out of the dark into a space where the Manifest star radiates energy across the universe. As they are awestruck by the phenomenon, the thought emerges out of their head that the source is Manifest. 
The star design represents each person at Columbia rising out of the year to be found right in the middle of Manifest, the larger star. At such a large event, each person involved has their own work and ideas present, which is symbolized by the smaller star emerging out of the person's head."

Atiyya Shahab's Manifest Poster

Atiyya Shahab
"I decided to represent the theme of 'emerge' by having a visual representation of the diverse creativity that comes from the word 'Manifest.' I chose to make a very detailed abstract illustration in order to represent a variety of different art forms and difference types of imagination. I created the star out of the same shapes I used for the illustration, created a smaller version with relatively larger circles to be used on the smaller form, and a more detailed version of the star for larger formats.