Columbia Internship Award

Published on Feb 09, 2016

By Jaclyn Jermyn (‘16)

Created by the new Career Center, the Columbia Internship Award of $2,500 per student was created to offset the many costs of obtaining an unpaid internship. We sat down with the Executive Director of Career Initiatives, Christie Andersen Asif, to learn more about the scholarship and how students can apply.

Who can apply for the Columbia Internship Award?
The award is open to all junior, senior, and graduate students. Students have to have an internship that is eligible for academic credit by the start of the summer semester to receive the funds from the award but they do not have to have an internship when they apply.

How do students apply?
Students can go on Oasis, click on the scholarships tab and they will be taken through the different steps. They will have to submit a resume, a short essay [response], some samples of their work, and a letter of recommendation.

If any students are concerned about any of the required parts of the application, they can always come to the Career Center and get help with those pieces.

What is the application deadline?
The deadline for summer internships is March 4th but the scholarship will be offered again for the upcoming fall and spring semesters, although those application deadlines have not been confirmed.

What types of internships are eligible?
Every department has slightly different parameters of what they’re looking for but typically, students have to have a designated supervisor that does the type of work that [the student] would be doing on site and it has to truly be a learning experience.

The internships must be for academic credit. We want to make internships more financially feasible and part of that is covering any additional cost of credit. We know that there are additional expenses to internships like transportation or lost funds from other part time jobs where hours have to be cut back.

How does this program benefit students?
A lot of times it’s about looking at the industries where internships are simply not paid and for [students], not doing an internship would hurt them in trying to get a job after graduation. Our main goal is helping set students on a good course to a great career.

For more details about the application process, check out the application page or email with any additional questions.