International Spotlight: Andriana Bozovic ('17)

Published on Feb 02, 2016

By Keisa Reynolds ('15)

Last semester, Journalism student Andriana Bozovic (‘17) went on a trip to Iceland through the “Covering International Festivals: Iceland” course taught by Althea Legaspi.

For the course, the students spent seven days in Reykjavík, Iceland and covered the annual music festival, Iceland Airwaves.

Describe your day-to-day experiences.
Iceland was a different world with similar ties [to life in the United States]. We would wake up and have our breakfast as usual and then we would be as a group fo lunch, excursions, or working on our stories. At night we would go to different venues and cover our pre-selected bands. It was amazing to see so many different bands, culture, and creativity in a small amount of time. After our shows were done, we would go home and write our reviews of each band we saw. It was a long night, but so worth it.

How do you think this study abroad experience will benefit you in terms of your education and future career plans?
I believe going to Iceland has given me more than I expected. I can truly see how the blogging and the creation of stories will add on to my portfolio and the writing of music reviews also gives me an edge that I didn’t have before.

Icelandic Airwaves performers, BC Camplight

How did you stay creative while abroad?
I walked around the gorgeous city, there’s inspiration abound there. Each and every cobblestone showed wear, with love, and nearly every building was brimming with creativity inside and out. The brisk air kept one going, and in contrast the people were warm and ready to greet with smiles.

What was the best/coolest part of the Iceland Trip?
Hearing music I had never had the pleasure of knowing before, mixed with the city itself. I definitely want to travel there again!