Wabash Arts Corridor Student Competitions

Published on Feb 09, 2016

Columbia College is excited to announce two new student competitions for the Wabash Arts Corridor in conjunction with the upcoming exhibition Peoples Choice: Wabash Arts Corridor from Sketch to Street. The WAC Committee is seeking dynamic designs of any style that demonstrate the vitality and creativity of Columbia College artists. Students may submit to both categories, upon meeting the eligibility criteria of each competition.  

Peoples Choice: Wabash Arts Corridor from Sketch to Street is an exhibition and competition that will display the top student proposals submitted for the new art projects on the WAC. This exhibition will also contextualize the impact that WAC has had on students, the College and the South Loop community. Gathered from your proposals, the exhibition will display the top 5 proposals from each the mural and banner competitions. Members of the Wabash Arts Corridor Committee will jury the first round of the submissions, choosing the top proposals to be displayed in the gallery, and visitors to the exhibition will vote for the winners in both categories.

The first competition is for the design and installation of a new rotating student mural series to be displayed on the south-facing wall of 623 S. Wabash. The site will feature a new mural twice a year, where each student mural will be on display for 6 months as part of the rotating series. Visitors of the Peoples Choice: Wabash Arts Corridor from Sketch to Street will be choosing 2 new murals for this site, one going on display from May-October 2016, and the second going on display November 2016-May 2017. The mural will measure approximately 17 ft width x 12 ft height. 

The second competition is for a series of 5 banners to be displayed above the Leviton Gallery at 619 S. Wabash Ave. The winning student design should incorporate all 5 spaces and will be reproduced on vinyl banners and displayed on the façade of the gallery. Each banner will measure approximately 74” width x 94” height. 

Columbia will award $250 to three winners (2 muralists and 1 banner designer) for their winning designs for work to be featured at these two sites. 


• Must be current Columbia College student(s) 

• May apply as solo artist or collective

• Painting experience required 

• Design should accommodate an area approximately 17’ wide by 12’ tall (See image above)

WAC Banner Competition Location

• Must be current Columbia College student(s) 

• May apply as solo artist or collective

• Images must be translatable to large-scale banners. 

• Design must incorporate all 5 banners, with each measuring approximately 74” wide by 94” tall

Deadline for proposals is Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 5pm
Questions can be directed to deps@colum.edu

Submit your designs for the WAC Banner Competition here