Biggest Mouth Winner: Anna Agosta

Published on May 05, 2017

By Neal Steichen

On April 20th at Metro Chicago, twelve students went head-to-head in Columbia’s own version of the Battle of the Bands—a competition called The Biggest Mouth. With an expert panel of judges and a Twitter voting system for students, groups and individuals performed for the grand prize of $1,000 and the opportunity to be the opening act for the headliner of Manifest. The group Capital Soiree won the popular vote, scoring themselves a $500 prize. Second place went to JuiiX, along with $750 in prize money.


The winner of the Biggest Mouth was Anna Agosta, a Vocal Performance major with a Music Business minor. Originally from Michigan, she came to Columbia College Chicago to pursue her passion of R&B music. Agosta was able to take a moment and speak with us about the experience and what this opportunity means for her.


What made you want to perform at Biggest Mouth?


“I wanted to perform in Biggest Mouth ever since I moved here in 2014. I have attended the event each year as an eager member of he audience. I wanted to wait to audition until I felt ready and prepared with my original content and band members.”


What happened at the competition?


“I felt extremely excited and happy leading up to the competition, all the way through performing on that stage. I felt lucky to even be chosen as one of the acts to perform that night. I performed two and a half original songs, which are all on my upcoming EP. The first was ‘Lucky,’ followed by ‘Surrender,’ and finishing with my single I released last fall, ‘Never Fall.’

 “I was extremely surprised to win the competition. I was shocked, to be honest. I was already so happy just to perform, so it felt like a dream to win. I really admire a lot of the other artists that were on the line-up, and that's what made it so unreal that my name was called or first place.”


How do you feel about opening at Manifest as part of your prize?


“To open at Manifest is a huge blessing. I am just so excited to go crazy and have a great time with my band up there and anyone else who comes out to see it. It's a great way to celebrate our hard work this school year and kick off the summer.”


What advice would you give to students who would be interested in participating in Biggest Mouth in the future?


"My advice to next year's competitor's and performers in general is to focus on whatever makes you feel the most alive while performing, and to step outside the box to grow with your artistry. You may be surprised in what you find out about yourself!"


To follow Anna Agosta or to hear some of her music, click on the links below for her social media pages.