Columbia Internship Award

Published on Mar 28, 2017

Want to learn how you can get a stipend for your summer internship? We spoke to Laura Daniels, the Assistant Director of Internships and Career Advising, to learn more. 

Who can apply for the Columbia Internship Award? 
The award is open to any student who takes an unpaid internship for academic credit during that specific semester. Students do not need to have secured an internship prior to applying for the award, just a plan on how they will get one. 

Full-time Columbia College employees, Graduate Merit Award recipients, Graduate Assistantship recipients, graduate students-at-large, Laban certificate students, visiting students, and students enrolling in internship credits through Leap Semester are not eligible for the Columbia Internship Award. Students must not have received the award in a prior semester. 

How do students apply?
Students can go on Oasis, click on the scholarships tab and they will be taken through the different steps. They will have to submit a resume, a short essay response, some samples of their work, and a letter of recommendation. They can find more information on the award at

If any students are concerned about any of the required parts of the application, they can always come to the Career Center and get help with those pieces. 

What types of internships are eligible? 
The award only applies to unpaid, academic internships. Academic internships are vetted to ensure educational quality, so not all opportunities qualify. However, if a student is interested to know if their internship qualifies for academic credit, they can meet with their Internship and Career Advisor at the Career Center by setting up an appointment through Handshake.

How will this program benefit students? 
The Internship Award provides up to $2,500 to cover the costs of tuition for taking an internship for credit. Not only is the student getting a hands-on, educational experience but they also receive help covering the cost of credits that go toward their college-wide elective or major requirements (depending on their major).

Our main goal is helping set students on a good course to a great career.

What are some cool internships/opportunities students have used this award for in the past?
For example, last semester, students who received the award interned at Cumulus Media, Comcast Sportsnet, Azeeza, and Milwaukee Public Radio.

The deadline for the summer award is April 15th. Applications for the Fall award will start being accepted on May 1st.

To learn more about the Columbia Internship Award, attend the Info Session on Mary 29 from 10:30-11AM in the Career Center. Register here.

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