Manifest Has A New Location!

Published on Feb 21, 2017

This year Manifest is taking it to the streets—Wabash Ave. that is!

The festival will be spread across Wabash Ave. between 9th and 11th St. The Main stage will be on one end of the street at 11th and the pop-up lounge will be on the other side by 9th. There will be tents on the west side of the street that feature student organizations that will have super interactive activities that relate back to the theme.

About 6-8 food trucks will line the opposite side of the street w/ picnic tables and seating. 

This new street festival format will “feel a lot more festive and cohesive,” explains Shannon Bourne, the Assistant Director of Student Activities. Because of this format, Manifest will feel more active all day long. 

Manifest will still spread across campus with various senior showcases and departmental events including the 623 S Wabash lot hosted by the Events Management Practicum and exciting programming at the Papermaker’s Garden. 

Programs will also be occurring in the middle of the street throughout the day to feature student talent. Calls for these features will be open in the Spring so stay tuned for more information.

“I’m very excited to create more opportunities for students to get involved,” says Bourne.