SFS Mural Competition

Published on Mar 07, 2017

Student Financial Services (SFS) invites you to submit a proposal to design a mural for the SFS office lobby. We ask you to present your ideas based on the theme, An Emerging Success Story, to guide your drawing, photo(s), paintings, etc. Additionally, the selected piece will participate in Manifest 2017. 

UPDATE:  Our posters and cards have an incorrect value for the length of the mural wall.  The correct length is 18’ 9”. 

Rules and Regulations

The selected student will have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, may be a graduate or undergraduate student, and all majors are accepted. The piece will need to fit on the north wall of the SFS office lobby that has the dimensions of approximately a 18’ 9" L x 8’ 10" W.  You can view a photo of the space above.  Visit 600 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 303 to view the space.  

A committee of faculty and staff will select the top 3 contestants. A committee of students will then vote on the winner and runner-ups. The winning piece may be modified per faculty and staff expert suggestions, and will be a vinyl adhesive print, which will be installed before Manifest.  


The selected student will receive a $500 stipend. 


An Emerging Success Story. When deciding on your design, please be mindful of the audience that visits SFS. SFS receives visits from faculty, staff, prospective high school students with their parents or guests, as well as prospective graduate and transfer students and the public. We invite you to create a piece that inspires your viewers who are excited and proud of their current or future affiliation with Columbia College Chicago. Please avoid offensive, political or religious themes.


Friday, April 7th by 11:59pm


Please include the following, any missing pieces will disqualify you from the contest.  

  1. In one page or less (150-250 word count for each section) 
    1. Outline your idea – how does it relate to the theme 
    2. Explain how this would benefit the community and yourself 
    3. Give a brief summary of your previous work that relates  w/2-5 images of previous work examples.  Please feel free to include a link to your website or Talent Pool profiles. 
    4. Provide a schedule of how you would expedite this project 
  2. Include: Images (PDF, JPEG, DOC…) of your submission.  Please keep in mind that the winning submission will need to be formatted to a 300 dpi tiff file at size (approximately 18’ 9" L x 8’ 10" W) for printing the adhesive vinyl prior to installation. 
  3. Complete the Employment course on Saltmoney.org and submit a copy of your certificate of completion. 

The mural will be on the wall for at least 1 year with your name, major and year of graduation.

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