Take to the Streets for The Great Convergence!

Published on May 05, 2017

Manifest is arguably the biggest event that Columbia College Chicago puts on, and it all begins with The Great Convergence. For those who might not have had the pleasure of the excitement, The Great Convergence is part performance art, part festival, and all fun, celebrating all students graduating at the end of the year. After the stresses of final exams and projects, Columbia students flood Wabash Avenue and the surrounding area to sing, dance, and shout to represent themselves and their programs.


Leading the charge toward the Great Convergence are the Grand Marshals of the Graduate Procession. This year, the Grand Marshals are Crystel Astuhuaman, Jessica Colopy, Tabitha Rees, Kaela Ritter, and Alyssa Runnels.


“To me, Manifest is about celebrating the hard work we've been doing all year long,” says Colopy, a senior majoring in Journalism. She will be leading the graduate parade, as well as firing a glitter cannon to kick off the event with a literal bang. “It's not only a showcase of our work, but also just a big party for everyone to enjoy! I've been looking forward to my senior Manifest since I started at Columbia, and I'm super excited it's finally here.”


One of the best parts about The Great Convergence is that all departments get a chance to be represented and recognized. For example, Kaela Ritter, a native of Detroit, Michigan, is graduating with a degree in Marketing and Music Business. Alyssa Runnels from Florida is graduating with a degree in Deaf Studies.


“I am honored and humbled to be representing the Graduating Class of 2017 as one of the Grand Marshals of the Great Convergence at Manifest!” says Runnels. “I have seen a lot of what the student organizations are putting together and I am so proud of them for all of their hard work and dedication.”


Friday, May 12th is the big day. If you are a senior and want to get the most out of The Great Convergence and Manifest by participating, pick up your “Class of 2017” shirt at the HAUS in 623 S. Wabash on the first floor starting at 11:30 am. The HAUS is also the starting location of the Graduate Procession that leads to the Great Convergence, which will begin at 12:45 pm.


Whether or not you are graduating, you are invited to attend the parade and then participate at the Great Convergence, which official starts at 1 pm at the Big Lot, near 9th Street and Wabash Ave. Follow this link to learn more.