Blood Ball 2014: Vote for King and Queen

It's time to vote for your 2014 Blood Ball King and Queen! Voting ends Friday, February 28th at midnight. Your new King and Queen will be announced at Blood Ball on March 7 from 7–10 p.m. at 1104 S. Wabash. Make sure you dress to impress! Come enjoy some mocktails, refreshments and dancing. Don't miss it.

Political Cartoon Contest

Are you’re an illustrator? Do you have passionate opinion about the historical, political or cultural issues in the world? Do you want to win a cash prize? Then enter to win the Paula F. Pfeiffer and Cheryl Johnson-Odim Political Cartoon Contest!

Anchor Graphics Preserves Traditional Artmaking

There’s still something appealing about the traditional art making process! Columbia’s Anchor Graphics is a non-profit fine arts press that allows students to explore new and different ways to make art. Although the workroom has customary art tools, it also incorporates digital art making using programs like Photoshop and tools like inkjet printers.

Blood Ball 2014: Are You Fit to Wear the Crown?

I bet you thought when you came to college you would have to say goodbye to school dances. Not the case! Columbia wants to keep that tradition alive again this year with the Mary Ann Blood Ball. The Blood Ball is an annual celebration in honor of Columbia’s founder Mary Ann Blood!

Matt Dunne: Your new Manifest Creative Designer

Matt Dunne is a senior Graphic Design major, a writer and designer for, a bass guitarist in the band Churchkey, and he works at Columbia’s Office of Student Communications. If that wasn't enough, he is also the 2014 Manifest Creative Designer.

New Lounges for Students

For many students, school can be a stressful environment with little opportunity for relaxation. Columbia’s Student Affairs Department and Campus Environment decided to make five new “family rooms” to make a more comfortable student environment on campus.

David Sim Wei Lun

Senior David Sim Wei Lun is a dual major in fiction writing and game design originally from Singapore. He talks about the difference between his new and old country and how to integrate another two foreign areas: creative fiction and video games.

Join: Asian Student Organization

There are many reasons a student could choose, and fall in love with, Columbia. Your career takes shape, your skills are fine-tuned, and you meet people you’ll connect with for a lifetime. According to DJ Valera, a senior majoring in broadcast journalism, the Asian Student Organization is a perfect representation of these aspects on campus. As president of ASO, he explains what students can expect from joining the org, or attending an ASO event.

Your Web Presence and Portfolio

It used to be that a solid resume and cover letter was enough to breach the basic needs of job seeking and interview. This is no longer enough. Employers and collaborators in any profession now need to see your work before meeting you and a bullet point on your resume isn't going to cut it.

How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

It’s that time of year—crisp air, colorful leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything and…the flu. Nothing came make life more miserable than a cold that doesn’t die or the “death” flu. Here’s how you can stay healthy this flu season.

How to Launch A Creative Career

Marketing communications professor, Laurence Minsky, is an expert on the subject of marketing yourself as a creative professional, something every Columbia student should learn how to do. He offers solid advice based on his lengthy experience in the advertising field that is focused on how to start a career, build a portfolio and create a network of likeminded people to help propel you to the top of the competitive job heap. Minsky talks to us about his latest book, The Get a Job Workshop, which offers career tips to emerging creatives.

Top 10 Safe Sex Tips

Many of us have had our traditional health class. But just in case it was incomplete and left you feeling a little confused, we’re going to expand on it…well, on the sex part and how important it is to do it the safe way.

Join: Show Choir

Columbia’s own singing club, XC3ND Show Choir, has seen their membership increase due to the soaring popularity Glee and the cult movie hit, Pitch Perfect. But, it also means a bit of misinformation about what it’s actually like to be in an actual performance group as opposed to a fictional one. So we decide to set the record straight.

Omar Villalobos

Senior Omar Villalobos started as a film major at Columbia, but soon discovered it wasn’t for him. It was a tough decision and wasn’t easy to transition, but he decided to follow his heart and change to a fashion business major with a concentration in marketing. Now, he’s started his own fashion line after interning at Vogue, CS Magazine and Burberry.

Halloween Events at Columbia

It’s that time of year again…24-Hour Night! Wondering what to do this Halloween? Columbia has a slew of events for you to choose from and there’s something for everyone! Check out the full listing of events!

Social Media Do's and Don'ts for the Job Hunt

It’s the 21st century and social media is everywhere. However, it’s not just for you and your friends anymore. These days, the minute you have an interview or potential job opportunity, your future boss will likely look you up online and see what they can find. Scary, right? But, you can actually craft an online presence that helps your career. Here are the top Do’s and Don’ts to use social media to leverage your job-hunt.

Beware the Hazards of Energy Drinks

It’s that time again: the mid-semester slump. Energy levels are low and free time is scarce. You could find yourself reaching for an energy drink to just get through the afternoon…or stay up all night. But energy drinks and shots definitely have their drawbacks and can have lasting effects on your health. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you want to down three Red Bulls in one night.

Columbia's Student Veterans

Entering college is a rough transition. But, entering college after service in the military is a whole different animal. We talk to student veterans at Columbia about their student experience and how they are able to bring a unique voice to campus. “Coming to Columbia brought back parts of me that I felt like I strayed away from,” confides ex-marine Shawn Riley, a senior majoring in public relations. “I have to create things spontaneously; that helped me get back to where I felt like I was before the military.”

Jolie Greenstone

Senior Jolie Greenstone grew up in a household of food-loving Italians, and is spinning a childhood of delicious dishes into a career in food photography. She hooked up a gig this summer with HGTV magazine as a photo intern and tells us all about how she got it and where she's going.

Find Your Perfect Exercise

Working out has several health benefits, not least of which is to give you more energy, motivation and focus, which is something that will come in handy with all that classwork. The key to committing to a regular workout schedule is finding the workout that fits you, not trying to fit yourself to the workout. Here’s a list of workouts mapped to your personality type.

Benefits of Meditation for Students

Want to feel more calm, think with a clear mind and react thoughtfully to problems? Who doesn’t? There is something you can do to achieve this state of awareness and calm: meditation. You have to commit to about 5-10 minutes a day in order to start seeing benefits. So, let’s explore what those benefits are and you can decide if it’s something that might be worth your time.

Dye, Tattoo and Pierce Safely

Creative expression in your appearance is your right. Be unique, but do it safely. Here’s what you should do, and what you shouldn’t, when you're looking to try something new with your appearance.

The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Freelancing can be a great opportunity for emerging professionals to build up experience and strengthen a thin portfolio. It can also end up leading to a full-time career where you’re the boss, or help you get that first full-time gig. Creatives of all stripes are in demand as freelancers—photographers, film and video editors, graphic and web designers and writers are popular freelance positions. Before starting your solo career, there are a few things you should know about the ups and downs of the freelance life.

Your Resume: From Job to Career

Your senior year is usually a major turning point in the development of your career. You’re in advanced classes, so your skills are more polished. You’re creating more work—better work. And you may have completed an internship, started freelancing, or both. All in all, you are a much different person than when you started at Columbia, so you shouldn’t be using the same resume you did in your first year. Make sure you've made the top four changes that differentiate a part-time job resume from a career-launching resume.

Join: Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) is a diverse student organization, welcoming anyone and everyone to join their family, act as a voice for the black community and help promote equality and diversity around Columbia. President Alayna Bell-Price sat down with us to tell us about membership, activism and how to get involved.

How to Get Your Work Exhibited

If you’re an up-and-coming artist it can be a daunting task trying to find places to show your work. However, being a Columbia student, there are some places right on campus that specifically show student work or are student-friendly. You can get a head start on getting your work seen (and sold) before you leave school.

Nina Stockman

After having the obligatory “what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life” breakdown her freshman year, senior fashion major Nicole Stockman discovered her true calling: weddings. “The idea of becoming a wedding planner, or at least somehow involving myself in the bridal industry, was incredibly appealing. I made an appointment with my advisor and switched my major from fashion design to fashion business. The rest is history.”

The Learning Studio: A Lifesaver for Hard Classes

Overwhelmed in class? Have zero to little idea what’s happening or just need help on a weak subject? You don’t have to go it alone. The Learning Studio is a resource for all students who need some academic support. From tutoring to computer lab space to supplemental instruction, they got you covered. We get the scoop on the best way to use this amazing resource on campus.

What to Do if You Get an APR

Even the most creative and ambitious students bite off more than they can chew once in a while. If you are doing poorly or failing one or more of your classes, you will be notified you have an APR—or academic progress report—via email . But fret not! APRs are not punitive and getting one does not mean the end of your college career. In fact, APRs are meant to be helpful notifications. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you receive an APR.

Should You Get a Minor?

So, you’re considering getting a minor? Not a bad idea. Declaring a minor can complement your major area of study by narrowing your career goals. If your major doesn’t cover or expand on an area that interests you, a minor might be the way to include more than one area of focus in your degree.

Five Reasons to Invite Your Parents to Parent's Weekend

You’re starting to settle in and know your way around. Your teachers love you. You are owning it in your studio space. And you know all the good places you would go out to eat if you just had a little more cash. What you really need is someone to show off all this newfound insider information to. How about those parents of yours? Parent's Weekend is October 18-20 and might just be the perfect time to invite them up to your campus. Need more reasons? Okay.

WAC Crawl Video

The WAC Crawl brought a ton of energy to campus with all the open galleries, performances and even a serious thunderstorm. Check out the video.

5 Reasons to Invite Your Parents to Parents Weekend

You’re starting to settle in and know your way around. Your teachers love you. You are owning it in your studio space. And you know all the good places you would go out to eat if you just had a little more cash. What you really need is someone to show off all this newfound insider information to. How about those parents of yours? Parents Weekend is October 18-20 and might just be the perfect time to invite them up to your campus. Need more reasons? Okay.

Want to Spend a Semester in L.A.?

We know, as students, that you are constantly looking for experience to put on your resume. What if gaining that experience was a fun learning opportunity that helped you make connections and spend a semester in the warm sunshine? Sounds pretty enticing, right? It gets better.

Meeting New People: Four Ways to Find Your Crew

Maybe you’re new to Columbia this year, new to college in general or just wanting to meet some new people. It’s not always easy to meet people but, luckily, it’s not that hard in a creative community like Columbia. We identify some top ways make some solid connections, during school and beyond.

Welcome Dr. Kim Video

To show our new president what we're all about, we made this little vid about Columbians and how to work the Nine Principles of Success. Check it out.

Why You Should Visit Your College Advisor

Whether you’re a new student to Columbia, in the midst of your experience or trying to finish up to get that degree, college advising is a crucial resource. “Students who visit us for the first time their junior year are more likely to be surprised, in a bad way, on what remaining requirements they need to graduate,” says Brian Marth, Director of College Advising.

Columbia Has a Basketball Court?

The rumors are all true. Columbia students now have access to an indoor basketball court at facilities shared with Roosevelt University. Grant Park is nice and all, but not so much in the middle of frigid winter. So, get the ball rolling and head over to your newly open facilities.

Papermaker's Garden Gets a New Look

You may have seen some construction in the Papermaker’s Garden on Wabash and 8th St. The raised beds and bike parking area have been, well, razed. And a big gravel pit has taken their place. But, that’s all about to change for the better. The new-and-improved garden is going to expand its growing space and include a rain-water collection system and a performance stage.

Join: Common Ground

Common Ground is Columbia's LGBTQ organization on campus. They sponsor events that make inclusivity and acceptance something every student comes to expect as being a member of the student body here. They're also a very thoughtful, fun and thought-provoking group. We ask Common Ground president Sebastien Spiegel, a senior majoring in film and video, to give us the deal on what it's like to be a member of one of Columbia's most active student groups.

Convocation 2013

Convocation was a success, despite scorching 100-degree temps. Check out pix of the day including Dr. Kim's first speech to students, the hell yeah liturgy and a student org expo that was hott.

Join: Student Government Association

The student government association (SGA) makes sure that the student voice is heard on campus. The cool thing most people don’t know is that it’s really easy to get involved and become an elected official to represent your department. We interview the SGA prez and VP to get the inside scoop on how to get involved.

Nicole Carroll: SGA President

Meet your student body president, Nicole Carroll. Yeah, she represents you, but she’s also one of you. A junior in fiction writing with a minor in teaching as an artist, Carroll is a creative Columbian with aspirations to use her writing to connect to underserved youth. I guess service is just part of her personality. Lucky us!

Welcome Back Activities

There are more fun things to do this week than you can shake a stick at — open houses to find out more info, concerts, parties, free stuff, contests, movies, shopping nights — the list goes on and on. Actually, the list starts here.

Wallpapers with Key Dates

Never forget an important Columbia date again. You can download wallpaper images for your desktop that include every important academic and financial date. Huzzah!

Megan Purazrang

Megan Purazrang is senior journalism major, just finishing up an internship at She tells us about her work at Columbia and how that’s helped launch her career plans.

Get that Student Job

Here are some great resources available to Columbia students looking for a job on campus, as well as a few steps to help you land that student job.