Advertising agencies play a key role in helping their clients with all aspects of marketing their product or service. From strategy and concept to execution, they guide their clients in make high-level business decisions, such as determining how to brand themselves, what tools to use, and where their advertising dollars are best spent. Companies are expanding worldwide increasing global career options in the industry, and with the popularity of the internet continuing to grow, the advertising industry is gaining new opportunities across multiple platforms.

What it Takes

  • Strong, cohesive body of work. An online portfolio is ideal, and some students will also have a print portfolio
  • Both a resume and a bio are important job search tools
  • Have your Elevator Pitch (30 second speech of who you are & what you do) ready
  • The right branding: Branding/Logo, Business Cards & Leave Behinds/Promo Pieces
  • Listings of your work on free resource sites like Behance, etc.
  • Internships will help you build relationships and learn the ropes
  • Networking is the most effective way to find work