Faculty and Staff

Faculty collaboration is central to our strategy and helps students transition from academia to their professional fields.  We encourage you to utilize Career Center resources in your course syllabus or bring your classes to pertinent events. 

On this page, you will find tools and resources that can be easily incorporated into your syllabus.  Additionally, in the classroom integration section we have listed ways we can work with you to help better prepare your students for life after graduation.

Contact us with any questions about how to bring career into your classroom

Talent Pool 

As an alternative to creating a full website, consider requiring your students to develop or refine their Talent Pool profile.  Talent Pool is Columbia's own database of student talent that allows students to publicly promote access to their professional work and interests.  It also provides access to students and alumni for collaboration.  If you are interested in creating a Talent Pool assignment for your students, please contact us and we can provide options on how to integrate Talent Pool into your coursework.

Interview Stream

InterviewStream is a video mock interview tool that allows students to practice interview questions tailored to their area of interest.  The Career Center has created over 30 different interview threads to allow students to gain practice in talking about their skills and experience built at Columbia.  Help students articulate their skills and careers by including an interview requirement.  As a class assignment, you can require students to complete an interview and send you a link to the result.  Learn more here and contact us if you're interested in using InterviewStream with your class.

Kuder Journey

Self-knowledge is an important skill for emerging creative professionals.  As students develop their skills, it's also important that they develop awareness of their interests, strengths, and values.  Journey is an online career assessment that assists students in identifying key criteria that will impact their career decisions and determine the best career fit as they search for future opportunities. Contact Michael Goode for more information.


Career Center Events

Career Center events promote portfolio and career development, and create links between students and the creative industries.  Please take a look at our current list of events, and if you are interested in bringing a class to one of our events please contact the Creative Industry Liaison who works with your department. 

Do you have an idea for an event or program that would align with your class?  Please contact us, we'd love to discuss a possible collaboration and assist you in developing a career related event or program.

Career Center Presentations

We offer a few different presentation categories so that you can choose the topic that best aligns with your course learning objectives.  Please read through these categories and select the appropriate presentation type before completing our request form

After you enter a class presentation, a staff member will likely be contacting you to clarify how we can provide content to meet your students' needs.

Note that class presentations must be submitted at least two weeks in advance, and are subject to staff availability.  Due to our small staff, weekends and evening availability are limited.

Career Initiatives Overview

In a career initiatives overview we will do our best to assign the appropriate Creative Industry Liaison or Career Center staff member to deliver a presentation that will cover the tools and resources of the Career Center and the expectations and industry standards for career materials.

Portfolio Specifics (for Capstone and Advanced Classes)

In a Career Center Specifics presentation, we will investigate multiple samples and best practices for portfolio and presentation.  This presentation is recommended for students that already have a portfolio in progress and will soon be approaching the job search and interview process.

Resume Clinic

We can deliver a presentation focusing on the best practices of resume and cover letter construction. In addition, you can direct students to our website, as it is peppered with resources regarding resume writing. Please let us know if you'd like us to develop new information or instruction in your area of interest. 


Contact the following staff members for more information regarding specific programs:

What else? You tell us.  We're always looking for new ways to collaborate.