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About Our Spaces

The Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces are common areas where students can interact, relax, and socialize. DEPS produces 30+ exhibitions each year and hosts over 500 events including: fiction and poetry readings, film and video screenings and music, theater and dance performances.

DEPS facilities are entirely supported by the Student Activity Fee and are only available for STUDENT-CENTERED programming.  DEPS spaces are not available for private events. Events must be free and open to Columbia College Chicago students.

ALL DEPS spaces must be requested through the Space Scheduler (see our Events Planning Checklist below for details).  No space use is approved until an official, personalized confirmation email is sent by the DEPS Events Coordinator.

Multi-Purpose Performance Spaces 

HAUS, located within the Quincy Wong Center for Artistic Expression (Click Here)

623 S Wabash Ave, first floor, Chicago, IL 60605

Conaway Center (Click Here)

1104 S Wabash Ave, first floor, Chicago, IL 60605

Stage Two Center (Click Here)

618 S Michigan Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago IL 60605


Event Planning Checklist

1. Check Space Availability
You can check for space availability through the Space Scheduler.

2. Request Space and Resources
After checking availability, login to the Space Scheduler and put in a request for the space and resources you need.  Students can login using their OASIS ID.  Faculty and Staff use their network logins.  Please contact Campus Environment at ext. 8515 for any questions regarding use of the software system.   

Student organizations: All students must be working in conjunction with a faculty member, academic department, or official student organization.  Students acting independently of a student organization or class assignment must have faculty or staff support.  The following form must be completed and returned to the DEPS Events Coordinator a minimum of 4 weeks prior the event date: Faculty and Staff Event Support Agreement

Alumni: Alumni must be working with the alumni office, or a request can be submitted as a "guest" in the space reservation system.  Alumni are subject to the same procedures as external organizations.

External organizations: External organizations must be partnered with, or have the approval of, an academic department, administrative department, or student organization.  Rental fees may apply and a certificate of insurance will be required. All events in DEPS spaces, including those involving external organizations, MUST be free and open to current Columbia students.  For more information on Non-College events, please contact Campus Environment at (312) 369-8515 or visit their website detailing the procedures for events for Non-College Entities here.

Space requests should include as much information as possible, including:

Your event is not booked until you receive a confirmation from the DEPS Events Coordinator.

3. Once your event is scheduled, additional event planning steps may include:

Building Hours
The HAUS @ Quincy Wong Center, Conaway Center, and Stage Two are all subject to the hours of the buildings in which they are located.  All events must be completed and all event organizers and attendees out of the building by the scheduled building closing time.  Building hours periodically change and are updated here:

Building hours can be extended with 3 weeks advance notice.  There is a fee.  Click here to extend building hours.

Your event may require additional security, especially if a large crowd is expected.  Click here to arrange for additional security.

Furniture Setup
Both the Conaway Center and Stage Two have open layout plans, so it is important to communicate to Building Services your setup needs (tables, chairs, etc).  Building Services must be notified of setup needs at least 2 weeks prior to your eventClick here to make a 360 request for Building Services to move furniture if you are a staff member with a 360 login.  If you do not have a 360 login or are a student, please email Sarah McGing directly with student requests.  PLEASE TRY to submit your furniture setup requests when you submit your space request.  You will find that this is a much smoother process for your event planning.

If you will be serving food, Building Services needs to be informed for the proper trash removal, recycling, and composting.  Click here to make 360 Request regarding trash and recycling needs:

You can “green seal” events through recycling.  Click here for more information about the Recycling Department and the Green Seal initiative.

Technical Needs
Technical specifications for each of our spaces will be coming soon!   For additional information and to book technical services for your event, please contact our Technical Coordinator, Ted Cho at

AV Technicians are free of charge during normal M-F 9am-5pm business hours.  Technical costs on weekdays after 5pm are $15/hr.  Technical costs on weekends are $17/hr.  There is a 2-hour minimum charge for all weeknight and weekend tech fees.  Only DEPS AV technicians are permitted to operate our sound and lighting equipment.  All technical needs must be sent to Ted Cho at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

Important Regulations For DEPS Facilities:

  • Only 2 events per semester, per student or student organization
  • No open flames or candles
  • Fog machines are prohibited on campus
  • No animals, fish, or insects are allowed in DEPS facilities
  • Faculty advisor or college representative must be present for the entire event
  • Events must be free to current Columbia students
  • The student organization or college representative booking the event is responsible for the setup and cleanup of the event and any damage made to the space.
  • Flyers for events must be posted in designated areas around campus.  Flyers posted on the walls, columns, and lobby areas of DEPS spaces may be removed at the discretion of DEPS staff.  
  • Space requests more than 6 months in advance will be marked as "tentative" and are subject to further review closer to the event date.
  • Spaces must be left in the condition in which they were found.  No holes in the walls, and no painting.  Any adhesives used must be non-residue stickies such as Fun-Tak.


Email or call 312.369.6896

Feel free to tour all of our facilities and ask questions of our staff before deciding which venue is appropriate for your needs.