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The Department of Exhibitions, Performance Student Spaces is the galleries, student centers and art boutique of Columbia College Chicago. An extension of the studios and classrooms, the department fosters vibrant environments for students to interact, exchange ideas and view and showcase bodies of work within the larger urban community. The spaces provide students from every discipline myriad opportunities to gain essential, hands-on experience, stimulating artistic expression and professional development through collaboration. More...


623 S. Wabash Ave. First Floor

ShopColumbia, Columbia College Chicago's student art store features original designs created and inspired by Columbia artists. Spanning all media and disciplines, ShopColumbia is defined by what Columbia students are making right now.

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News & Announcements

DEPS Permanent Student Collection Update – Lending Artwork

While we re-build our Collection database, we will not be repairing, lending or replacing Collection artwork.  Within the next school year (2015-2016) we hope to complete this project and make artwork perusal available online.  A special announcement will be made to the college community when we are ready to lend again.
In the meantime, departments can purchase student artwork via Budget Transfer at ShopColumbia (623 South Wabash, 1st Fl) and online

Past exhibition catalogs and publications now for sale through ShopColumbia

DEPS is going green! We will no longer be cutting down trees to make exhibition cards. To stay informed of upcoming shows and events please sign up on the DEPS online mailing list.