Student Engagement and Culture

Multicultural Affairs serves the needs of Columbia’s diverse student communities through the offices of African American Cultural Affairs, Asian American Cultural Affairs, Latino Cultural Affairs, and LGBTQ Office of Culture and Community. Each of these offices supports student success in ways that are relevant and specific to the individual communities they serve. They also encourage cross-cultural exploration and appreciation through co-curricular programs, workshops, and activities that occur throughout the year. Multicultural Affairs staff are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for students as they explore cultural student involvement, seek additional college resources, and achieve student success.

Multicultural Affairs Reception Desk (312) 369-7569

African American Cultural Affairs (312) 369-7994

Asian American Cultural Affairs (312) 769-8664

Latino Cultural Affairs (312) 369-7812

LGBTQ Culture and Community (312) 369-8594

Prayer/Meditation Room
624 S. Michigan Ave. | Room 301E

Embracing religious/spiritual diversity on campus means meeting and addressing the needs of students not only through staffing and programming, but also through a quiet and safe space that accommodates a variety of religious, spiritual, and ethical practices. Providing an Interfaith space is a visible symbol of the College’s commitment to hospitable religious pluralism.

In addition, it is hoped that this space brings together religiously diverse students as your spiritual practices are valued. This space also serves to create an opportunity for students who do not identify with a specific custom to find occasions to gather and reflect. The prayer/ meditation room is equipped with a prayer bench, prayer rugs with compass, meditation pillow, and a shoe rack. Spiritual books and a meditation bell can be checked out at the front desk. Restrooms are located outside of the room.