Student Expectations and Responsibilities

    Columbia emphasizes the responsibility of each student to participate in the educational process. This involves the conscientious preparation of assignments and the recognition of the frequent interdependence of students when individual contribution to a group or class effort is required. 


    Students are expected to attend classes and to complete assignments as required by the instructor. They should expect their academic progress to suffer if they miss classes.


    To ensure that students are fulfilling degree requirements and on track towards the completion of their degree, they should regularly meet with their college advisor in the College Advising Center and with their faculty advisor in their major department, Students are responsible for their own success and progress towards the completion of their degree, and they should utilize the services of faculty and college advising to assist with this process.

    Co-curricular Activities

    Columbia supports student activities that provide broad opportunity for the exercise of interests and talents. These include participation in the Student Government Association, participation in professional organizations, cultural experiences, social activities, sports clubs, and informal meetings between students and faculty. Columbia prohibits all forms of academic dishonesty, including, but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to Columbia, forgery, alteration or fraudulent use of Columbia documents, instruments, or identification.