Career Center

The Career Center

The Career Center is a collection of creative industry professionals, educators, and facilitators dedicated to assisting students create pathways to good work. It is the only college center dedicated to helping students build and showcase a body of work in the arts and media. Students should begin visiting the Career Center freshman year and meet with Career Center staff throughout their time at Columbia. We assist with general career development and we offer industry specific advising. Support is available with our staff through one-on-one appointments, events, and online tools and resources.

The Portfolio Center offers various guides and tools for professional documents such as resumes and web portfolios, among others, that can be found by visiting our website, Columbia students have free access to Journey, a career assessment tool, and InterviewStream, an online resource that allows you to practice interviewing from the comfort of your home and/or dorm room.


Columbia defines an internship as a practical work experience that places students in training positions related to their academic studies. It’s also an important step toward securing later employment.

Using this definition, Columbia awards academic credit to students in internships, based on a ratio of credit hours to hours worked. Each department, however, handles internships differently. You can find some internship opportunities posted on ColumbiaWorks, but always check with your department/internship coordinator to learn more about receiving academic credit. Visit to find the contact information for an internship coordinator within a specific academic department or program. 

Talent Pool

Talent Pool is an online networking and collaboration tool for Columbia students. Through Talent Pool, students showcase samples of their work, connect with professionals in their field and collaborate with each other. All current students are eligible to create a Talent Pool Profile. To begin visit, or visit the Portfolio Center located at 623 S. Wabash, room 307.