Health Insurance

All students pay a Health Center fee which helps fund the Health Center Services. Students enrolled in the accident and sickness plan may also join a dental or vision insurance plan. Pick up insurance brochures in the Dean of Students' Office at 623 S. Wabash Avenue, Suite 301 or visit for a complete description of student health coverage.

International students should visit for information specific to their insurance needs.

Recent national legislation contains a lot of information relevant to college students and their health care coverage opportunities. Under the new Affordable Care Act, most insurance companies are required by law to allow young people to remain on a parent's health care plan until the age of 26. Prior to this legislation, such coverage was linked to full-time student status and ended at age 23. Parents may still have to pay or contribute for this coverage, but participating as a dependent in a group plan is usually better than buying insurance independently. There are loopholes that exempt some insurance plans, so definitely check with the insurance group to ensure the extended coverage applies.