Learning Studio

The Learning Studio offers students a variety of programs and services designed to help them succeed academically, including tutoring programs and group study programs. The Learning Studio is a collective of offices and programs that includes Accounting and Finance Tutoring, the Conaway Achievement Project,the Foreign Language Lab, New Student Placement, Peer Academic Coaching, the Science and Math Learning Center, Supplemental Instruction, and The Writing Center. 

Statistically, students who participate in one or more of the Learning Studio programs perform better academically than their peers.

Accounting and Finance Tutoring
Tutors from the Arts Entertainment Media Management department work with students to explain and reinforce Accounting and Finance concepts taught in class, help with assignments, and prepare exams.

Conaway Achievement Project
The Conaway Achievement Project (CAP) assists first-generation students; low-income students; and students with a documented learning, emotional, or physical disability in achieving academic success. CAP offers a variety of resources and services, including project advisors who aid students with academic needs, workshops, cultural enrichment activities, textbook and laptop loan programs, a computer lab with free printing, and a student lounge. 

Students need to complete an application to be considered for admission into the CAP program. 

Foreign Language Lab
Tutors from Humanities, History, and Social Science work with students on languages offered at Columbia to develop foreign language skills, complete related assignments and projects, and to practice speaking and writing.

New Student Placement
New student placement provides placement testing using the computeradaptive college placement test or COMPASS. COMPASS helps colleges and universities quickly evaluate incoming students’ skill levels in reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language; place students in appropriate courses; and connect students to the resources they need to achieve academic success. 

Placement is required for all first-time freshmen and transfer students with no credit accepted by Columbia in collegelevel English composition and collegelevel mathematics, unless they have submitted their ACT scores to Columbia. ACT scores can be used in place of the new student placement. 

Visit colum.edu/placement for more information about testing and to learn whether or not placement testing is required for a particular student.

Peer Academic Coaching
Each Peer Academic Coach (PAC) is a Columbia College student trained to assist students to be more successful in all of their courses. Students meet for 30 minute sessions with a PAC, which can be a one-time, or standing weekly appointment, discuss concerns about learning, organize assignments, and make a plan for success. Students also develop strategies for better time management, taking notes in class, preparing for tests, and getting the most out of studying.

Science and Math Learning Center
The Science and Math Learning Center offers science and math tutors who provide individualized, academic support to help students increase their comfort level and skills in their coursework, review for exams, expand their skills on equipment such as the scientific calculator, and utilize the onsite textbook library for all science and math classes. Off-site tutoring available. 

All science and math tutors are also part-time faculty members of Columbia’s Department of Science and Mathematics.

Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an interactive peer study group that teaches students how to learn and what to learn in a selected course. SI is not tutoring, and there is no relecturing. Sessions are facilitated by  student leaders who have successfully completed the course. Participants learn study strategies, such as note taking, graphic organization, questioning techniques, vocabulary acquisition, and test preparation. SI sessions are anonymous, voluntary, and free to students enrolled in SI courses.  

The Writing Center
The Writing Center offers students access to trained peer and professional writing tutors who work with them to develop and strengthen their writing skills. The Writing Center provides individualized support to help students generate ideas for any writing project or assignment, create outlines for writing projects, improve grammar and punctuation, use proper documentation for citing research, and write résumés and scholarship essays. Online and offsite tutoring available.