Science & Math Learning Center

The Science & Math Learning Center empowers and enhances the skills of all Columbia College Chicago students to reach their academic goals. We provide academic support, assistance with science and mathematics skills, and help with other concepts to support students outside of the classroom. Our tutors are trained and certified faculty in the areas of Science and Math, and are members of the National Tutoring Association (NTA).

Students can work with Science & Math tutors on:

  • Solving any type of science and/or math problem
  • Reviewing for science and/or math exams
  • Proctoring for science and/or math make up exams
  • Demonstration of in class examples pertaining to science and/or math
  • Learn technology such as the scientific calculator or other math/science programs
  • And more
Go Ahead, Ask the Question

I have often heard students say they do not like to be called on or to ask questions because they may be wrong or people may think they are stupid. Let me suggest you should be wrong as often as possible. When you are wrong and realize it, you have an opportunity to learn and that is what college, and life really, is all about. A dancer who won't try a new step because they might not get it right on the first try will never be great. The same is true of people in any field.

As to questions, a question that sounds superficial can cover a deep confusion. It is up to the teacher to bring the depth out of your question. Ask lots of questions and give the teacher a chance to reflect deeply on the subject.

Your college years are a chance for you to learn at a rate that is greater than at any time in your life. Take advantage of it, ask lots of questions. Make lots of mistakes.

Peter Insley
Science and Math Tutor

  • Walk-ins - There is no limit on walk-in tutoring sessions. Students will be helped in the sequence they signed in. If you need on-going tutoring in a specific subject, please consider signing up for an advanced appointment. Standing weekly appointments are also available.
  • Appointments - Students may make unlimited appointments in a week. To make an appointment, log into OASIS.
  • Session Preparation - Students should log in and out at the Learning Studio reception desk for each session, and bring their course syllabus, textbooks, notes and assignments with them to each tutoring session.  Students should read and study the material before they meet with their tutor.
  • Resources - Lean more about the Science and Math Learning Center.